Zine Round Up: Parallelogram Box

It’s that time again! The New York Art Book Fair is an overwhelmingly exhilarating two-day exhibition of independent zines and art-books to excite and delight print-media lovers from far and wide. Here we select some of our favourite artists who will be displaying their work this weekend. Get ready for NYABF madness!


Aidan Koch is a bit of a mysterious zine genius. I imagine her large collection of zines lined up on a shelf in library in another dimension, a long, long time ago. Her newest zine is called Parallelogram Box, a collection of poems and sketches. I don’t know what it is about, and I don’t know what any of her zines are about really. But there’s a confidence to her mystery, a feeling of trust that she is busy getting to the bottom of something only she can understand. Maybe it’s like reading something written in a language you can’t understand. See for yourself! Don’t miss Parallelogram Box in the flesh at NYABF this week. Below is a tiny taste of what’s inside. – CMpage21 page5 page22