Zine Round Up: Cake Toppers 2

It’s that time again! The New York Art Book Fair is an overwhelmingly exhilarating two-day exhibition of independent zines and art-books to excite and delight print-media lovers from far and wide. Here we select some of our favourite artists who will be displaying their work this weekend. Get ready for NYABF madness!


Continuing with our NYABF zine round-up, we are featuring some scans from inside our instagram crush Shana Sadeghi-Ray’s latest zine, Cake Topper No. 2. Following Cake Topper No. 1, the Cake Topper zines are a set of beautifully colourful zines accompanying a clown cake t-shirt that Shana made specially for the book-fair. Cake Toppers No. 1 features solely wedding cake toppers from 1969, which Shana explains she finds interesting because every featured topper comes as a straight white couple. Cake Toppers No. 2 includes other various cake decorations. Shana paired them with nature landscapes, reminiscent of her other work, though replacing the celebrity (see her A Source Says zines) with objects such as plastic doves, playing with colour as well as creating a world within a world. The zines’ focus on a seemingly mundane subject calls attention to that which might be overlooked as ordinary, when in fact they are truly special items. Shana explains that people need to spend time with her zines in order to try to understand her intention. She wants to draw a feeling from the viewer. There are no written words, the images are to be experienced. Go find Shana at table A05 in the zine tent at NYABF and give her a hug for us!