Shoot the Breeze: Rosaline Shahnavaz

Iranian-British photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz’s portraits make you feel like you’ve stepped into her private memories. Her new photo book, Aleko, documents her intimate relationship with her muse, who is often pictured staring straight into the lens as though you’ve been caught spying. Together Aleko and Rosaline push the boundaries of the photographer-subject relationship. Here we look at some photos…


Premiere: CFCF’s Touching the Earth

We’re very excited to be premiering the latest track, “Touching the Earth“ from legendary Montreal producer CFCF’s 41-minute forthcoming release Colours of Life. CFCF delivers a cinematic mix of emotional elements ranging from moody and sentimental to upbeat and jovial, reminiscent of film scores by the likes of Vangelis or Hans Zimmer. Full of gentle piano…


Studio Visit with Danny Fox

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 13 TEXT BY SARAH IANNONE PHOTOS BY JACK WHITEFIELD Danny Fox didn’t draw a human figure until he drew a depiction of his first girlfriend as a teen. Over a decade later, the now 28 year old painter has spent years perfecting female figures, placing women from his life and family onto…


Toshio Mogi by Monika Mogi

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 13 PHOTOS & TEXT BY MONIKA MOGI Toshio Mogi grew up in the Kichijoji area of Tokyo during World War II. His neighborhood was very affected by the firebombing raids and when he talks about his childhood he says he can only remember the sounds of explosions and airplanes overhead. As a…


Maya Fuhr X Romany Williams

PHOTOS BY MAYA FUHR STYLING BY ROMANY WILLIAMS MUA: KELTY LEWIS Model: Mary @ Elite Shot at East Room Clothing Credits: Look 1: Shallowww top, jacket & shorts, Nike Air Rift Shoes Look 2: Prada Shoes, Vintage top & Skirt Look 3: Hanes tank top, vintage pants & Chinatown slippers Look 4: Stuart Weitzman heels, vintage dress & halter …


Fontana, California, USA by Coey Kerr

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 13 Fontana, California, USA is a photo project by Coey Kerr that makes use of exposed but undeveloped 35mm film purchased from an online auction. Kerr examines how semantic properties within photographs are predetermined by the viewer’s own subjectivity. The rolls of film, which were found amongst the contents of an abandoned…


Talking to Hari Nef

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 13 QUESTIONNAIRE BY OLIVIA WHTITICK ART BY MIKE ORTA Hari Nef is a student, writer, performance artist, actress, model and all-around rising star. Working in an industry often politically apathetic, and (by definition) overly concerned with aesthetics, Hari is never hesitant to share her opinions with the fashion world, making an important…


Kenneth Koo X Bonni Miller


Picture 34

RAMZI’s Princess of Cups

RAMZI, Vancouver’s Phoebe Guillemot, gears up for her first 1080p release Houti Kush. Today we’re listening to her track ‘Princess of Cups’, which sounds to us like music for a documentary about the human race. Sounds of nature, loops, and fragmentary vocals, this is world music for the post globalization digital era. Her album comes out…

Boyon Cliff Top

A Conversation with Sian Davey

PHOTOS BY SIAN DAVEY INTERVIEW BY SARAH IANNONE Sian Davey, perhaps as a result of her background as a psychotherapist, appears to possess a great understanding of her subjects, a quality which manifests in her intimate portraiture. Although many of the people she photographs are her children or close friends and family, regardless of the…


Shoot The Breeze: Lily Rose Thomas

Most well known for her music videos for the UK band Beach Baby, and her photo exhibition of bruises, we’re excited to share the work of the photographer/director Lily Rose Thomas. Her photos are grimy, raw, and intimate – what else would we expect from a young Londoner shooting on 35mm film?  See our favourites below….


Shelby Fenlon X Corey Moranis

PHOTOS BY SHELBY FENLON STYLING & JEWELRY BY COREY MORANIS Model: Kaja  Clothing Credits   Look 1:  top: Corey Moranis Look 2: top: Corey Moranis; pants, Tome Look 3: top: Corey Moranis Look 4: top: Tome; jeans: Marques Almeida Look 5: top: Tome Look 6: dress: Marques Almeida Look 7: dress: Kaelen Look 8:  top: Baserange; pants: Tome Look 9:  top: Baserange Look…


Premiere: Unknown Mobile

TEXT BY PROJECT PABLO PHOTO BY EVAN MASON With the season’s turn to summer, rural recording artist Unknown Mobile is ready to let go of his debut musical collection; Chime, Flower & Fountain Cures.  Prompted by a relocation to the vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest, and a mild winter in solitude, the appreciation of his…


Shoot the Breeze: Morgan Maher

Brooklyn photographer Morgan Maher’s work consists mostly of portraits of young women. Carefully lit and styled, she captures her subjects in thoughtful, honest moments. A certain element of youth and dreaminess can be found her scenes and subjects. The young photographer will be moving to France to study at SCAD this fall and we look…


Premiere: GG Love’s Lookin Cool

We’re very excited that Montreal’s GG Love is releasing their first ever album.  The synth-pop trio is heading out, alongside Archery Guild, on a tour across Canada. In honor of their Montreal release tonight we’re premiering a song off their new album, ‘Lookin Cool.’  Lookin Cool by GG Love


June Canedo X Tess Herbert

 PHOTOS BY JUNE CANEDO STYLING BY TESS HERBERT MODEL: LEE @ LORDE INC Clothing Credits:  Look 1: Skirt & jumper, Vaquera; Shoes, Celine. Look 2: Jumper, Vaquera. Look 3:  Top & pant, Vaquera. Look 4: Top, Vaquera. Look 5: Top & pant, Vaquera. Look 6: Top, Women’s History Museum; Skirt, Vaquera; Shoes, Celine. Look 7: Top,…


Shoot the Breeze: Shaun Lucas

Shaun Lucas is a NY-based photographer currently fascinated with documenting the Midwestern and Southern areas of the US. Here we Shoot the Breeze alongside some images from his series, Appalachee Church Rd, an intimate exploration of culture in Auburn, Georgia using his partner’s conservative family as subjects, and their home environment as backdrop. Through a…


Logan Jackson X Marcus Cuffie

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 13 PHOTOS BY LOGAN JACKSON STYLING BY MARCUS CUFFIE MODEL: Gia Seo On-set Assistant: Zach Teplin   Clothing Credits: Look 1, 2: jacket & trousers: stylist’s own, shirt worn underneath: Slow and Steady Wins the Race Look 3:  sunglasses & top: Slow and Steady Wins the Race, jeans: stylist’s own Look 4: …