Art by Trevor Baird

Trevor Baird is a multi-media artist living in Montreal. Although technically apt in ceramics, painting and drawing, Trevor is a modest artist, only showing his work through sporadically published home-made zines. With his newest comic, Dog Tears, hitting the stands last week, we decided to take a browse through Trevor’s sketchbook, full of water colors…


TOPS Japan Tour Diary

This February we toured 13 different cities in Japan. These photos were all taken by our friend Takuroh Toyama, who I first met at an all night party we played in Kyoto. Like many of the people that I connected with in Japan I was lucky that he chose to hang out with us and…


Benjamin Barron X Patric DiCaprio

Photographer: Benjamin Barron Stylist: Patric DiCaprio Model: Maris Berkowitz Model: Jake Levy   CREDITS 1: Maris: sweater by Dries Van Noten, skirt by H + M, tights by Falke, wooden pumps by Dior. Jake: T shirt by Just Cavalli, Tights by American Apparel, sneakers by Reebok   2: T shirt by Junya Watanabe, vintage bike…


Shoot the Breeze: Stefanie Moshammer

Austrian photographer Stefanie Moshammer is interested in scenes of fantasy and hyperbole.  Documenting the saturated, excess-driven aspects of America, Stefanie is a documentary photographer with an eye for the illusory. Somehow even her nature photography retains the same penchant for luxury and mythology.  Stefanie is most known for her documentary series “Vegas and She.” a…


A Conversation with Doldrums

INTERVIEW BY SARAH IANNONE PHOTOS BY REBECCA STORM Airick Woodhead is the mind behind Montreal-based musical act Doldrums. In contrast to his 2013 debut Lesser Evil, an album of experimental electronic glitches fused with pop melodies, Woodhead’s follow up album The Air Conditioned Nightmare is a much more cohesive and formulated project. I chatted with Woodhead…


Photo Diary: Rebecca Storm

It’s been months since we got an update from our staff photographer, Rebecca Storm. Where has she been, you ask? According to her latest photo diary she’s been busy vacationing with her beau in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, & Mississippi. Check out her findings below.


Night Talks #2

Night Talks is a new late-night column featuring photos & philosophical musings by Joe McMurray The topics that came up while brainstorming the second edition of this column included: loneliness, life in Los Angeles, pills, and dinosaurs. Everything but the dinosaurs were suggestions, and the dinosaurs were a joke. It’s kind of a funny mix of…


Editorial by Josefine Seifert



Tour Diary: STEVE JR

Photographer Yulia Zinshtein met up with Montreal-based band STEVE JR for their Florida tour. The gang hit Sarasota, West Palm Beach, and Miami, staying with people they met at their shows. If you like shirtless rockers laying on the beach then you will like these pix, since that’s what a lot them are. Never heard STEVE…

dr.kiera copy

Let’s Talk #1

For the first installment of Let’s Talk, our new advice column, we’ve asked NYC It-Girl Kiera McNally to help our readers with their troubles. If you’d like advice on anything please ask here.  I wanna be more productive and creative. I’m very into painting, drawing, writing and photography. It’s not that I don’t like my…


Byungmun Seo FW15 Backstage

Photographer Ronald Rose gives us a backstage look at Korean designer Byungmun Seo‘s colorless and unconventional menswear collection premiered at Seoul Fashion Week. With this new collection, “Glitch of the I,” Byungmun Seo continues his exploration of deconstructed silhouettes and experimental pattern cutting, inspired by glitch art, or digital malfunctions.


Yulia Zinshtein x Valerie Kamen

Photos: Yulia Zinshtein Models: Valerie Kamen & Harriet Tebbetts   Styling: Valerie Kamen 


Shoot the Breeze: Micaela McLucas

I get the feeling Micaela McLucas is a party girl, traveling around the beaches and various parties of the world, taking photos and selfies as she goes. Her photos are interesting to me, richly saturated renditions of a seemingly artificial, druggy, glamorous world. Micaela is an LA native currently living in Paris. We were excited to find…


Boys will be Boys – Jang Yoong

portrait series from Korean-based photographer Jang Yoong 


Photo Diary: Maya Fuhr

Here is Maya Fuhr’s 3rd installment of her diary series for the Editorial. Between preparing for her upcoming photo installation at the Art Gallery of Ontario and shooting look books for various fashion brands, Maya spends her time taking photos of friends and strange objects in her bedroom-studio and out and about on the streets of Toronto. For…


Aidan Koch

Aidan Koch is a painter and illustrator. Her work, which consists of pencil sketches, water colour landscapes and other scenes, often appropriates sections of paintings, architecture, and things found on the internet through close, detailed cropping. Aidan says she’s building a specific aesthetic language by creating collections of disparate symbols. She is definitely up to something…

Adrian Samson 2015_bottles_2

Shoot the Breeze: Adrian Samson

Adrian Samson is a Slovakian-born photographer, now living and working in North-East London. With an impressive list of commercial clients such as Xbox, Microsoft, and T-mobile, it’s not surprising that Adrian’s personal work resembles eerily manicured stock photography. Adrian  first learned about photography from his father at the age of 8. Having since mastered the use of light inside…


Stream: Scientific Dreamz of U / Junior Loves “The Dreamcode”

I always like the use of proper names in song titles –  Michael’s Pencil,  Allison Falls Over, – or in the case of 1080p’s most recent release “The Dreamcode” – Ignacio’s Daydream, and then a little later, Ignacio’s Solution. Using song titles like these provides a story that might otherwise be somewhat abstract in the music…