Meet the Editors!

When I was asked to write “a meet the editors” piece for The Editorial I was excited because I sort of thought I was an editor, and that I would have the chance to introduce myself to the readers of this magazine. But then I realized I’m not an editor but rather a mere “contributor,”…

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Fatine-Violette Sabiri X Lu Philippe Guilmette

PRINTED IN ISSUE 12 PHOTOS BY FATINE-VIOLETTE SABIRI  STYLING BY LU PHILIPPE GUILMETTE  ASSISTANT: JEAN-GUY FORGET MODEL: Nôamane Sabiri    CREDITS: 1:       Top: Le Service Public 2, 3:      Turtleneck: Superfluous, Suit: Acne Studios, Shoes: Y-3 4:      Top & pants: Le Service Public, Sunglasses: Prada 5,6,7:      Coat:…


Scarecrow Fashion F/W 2015


after the club 1 copy

Jonny Negron

Like a lot of artists featured in the Editorial, Jonny Negron has a lascivious vision. The body, deformed and hyperbolic, is the center of attention, cast in colorful, two-dimensional spaces. What makes Negron’s characters special, though, is not just that they appear to be complicit in the viewers perverted gaze, but actively provoke it. Jonny…

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Shoot the Breeze: Stefano Marchionini

Photographer Stefano Marchionini was looking for a new way of depicting the human body when he first started experimenting with photography. His first project, Entr’ouvert, a collaboration with his boyfriend Vivien Ayroles, explored the notions of “intimate” and “social.” His next series, a self-published book called “I See Around Me Tombstones Grey,” is a look into his own…

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An Epistolary Interview with FIN

All photos by Elise Gallant   Dear Fin, In my very early twenties, I escaped to Nelson, a mountain-hugged town in British Columbia. It was tiny and beautiful. Rumour had it that the surrounding mountains were laden with purple amethyst, a stone believed to be heavy with magnetic pull. They said the crystal lured people…


Written on the Wind Mix

A compilation of tear-jerking, cinematic, melodramatic tunes. Featuring scores from Vertigo, Love Story, James Bond and more :) Collected by Claire Milbrath Francis Lai – Le Téléphone Andre Tschaskowski – Sentimental View & Emotional Tension Bernard Herrmann – The Bedroom Michel Magne – Swedish Dream Giorgio Gaslini – Bliss John Barry- 007 And Counting Francis…


Editorial by Saki Mida

models: Maya, Sakura, Mari, Eureka, Aki


Shoot the Breeze: Jan Adriaans

Jan Adriaans is a Dutch photographer and video-artist whose work explores the relationship between psyche, body, and space. I happened upon his photos last spring and immediately wanted him for our cover. We ran his eerie interior shot of Lange Voorhout Palace on the front of issue 10. I was so moved by the photo I even painted…


CK2 Gallery Preview

Previewing CK2 with co-directors Jessica Kirsh and Stephanie Creaghan By Loreta Lamargese CK2, the newest gallery to open its door in Montreal, is a joint venture by Jessica Kirsh and Stephanie Creaghan. Both are familiar with the operations of the Canadian art market; Kirsh having dipped her toes in the proverbial pool of the Toronto…


Shoot the Breeze: Kuba Ryniewicz

I immediately recognized Kuba’s pix when I found them in my inbox last week. Even the ones I’d never seen before felt recognizable, like photographs from an old National Geographic. There is something iconic about his work, shot all over the world – from Iceland to South Africa. His latest photos were shot while learning about Buddhism…





Pink Velvet – Dj Lil Tuts

New mix from Dj Lil Tuts to help you get cozy for Winter : )  Slowed down Angel – A.E If You Leave Me Now – Chicago Heart of Glass (Blondie) – Dip in the pool Tameo Koike Previously unreleased Bush Theme – Sven Libaek Old Souls – Jessica Haper All things Must Pass (Demo…


Editorial by Maya Fuhr

  photo & styling by Maya Fuhr model: Aerin @ Plutino  all clothes from Three Fates shop  hair & make up by Steph George

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Lili Huston-Herterich – Nodding Off with Mush

INTERVIEW BY JESS CARROLL  Lili Huston-Herterich is a Chicago-born, Toronto-based artist whose immersive installation work looks at warm themes like the concept of the home or personal subjectivity, in the same breath as icier themes like vulnerability and the unconscious baring of space. This juxtaposition offers her viewers a distinctly immediate opportunity to hang out…


Sunset Terrace

INTERVIEW BY SCOTT PARSONS PIX BY REBECCA STORM  In agriculture, a terrace is a flattening of dynamic geographic topography implemented to decrease erosion. The Vancouver based artist-run space Sunset Terrace is similar to this type of landscaping—it is the perpetual conversion of urban space, implemented to facilitate the existence of artist-run culture in Vancouver.  At… moon.2014

Aidan Pontarini – Hairy Larry Harakiri

Pink Moon, 2014. Oil, acrylic and gauche on panel. 20 x 24 inches.  Introduction by Joe Becker   Throughout the entire duration of what was a long hot summer here in Montreal, I had the unique position of being one of only a handful of people granted access to Aidan Pontarini’s studio to witness the evolution…


A Conversation with Sigrid Lauren

PRINTED IN ISSUE 11 INTERVIEW BY WHITNEY MALLETT PHOTOS BY CLAIRE MILBRATH Sigrid Lauren is a dancer and choreographer, and one half (along with co-founder Monica Mirabelle) of FlucT, the Brooklyn-based radical dance duo. In a city, where the path of a dancer is often auditioning for established companies, FlucT is instead choreographing and performing its own…