Backgrounds by Rebecca Storm



Ronald Rose X Francois Quillacq

PHOTOS BY RONALD ROSE & FRANCOIS QUILLACQ MODELS: Fatine Violette Sabiri & Gerald Lajoie Restrepo  Credits:  1. Tunic: Gerald Lajoie 2. Patatoe bag: Eckhaus Latta 3. Sleeveless sweater: Gerald Lajoie 4. Glove + sleeveless top: Pedram Karimi 5. Top: Pedram Karimi 6. Tunic: Pedram Karimi 7. Glove: Pedram Karimi 8: Tunic: Rad Hourani 9: Tunic:…


Photo Diary: Adrià Cañameras

Spain-based photographer Adrià Cañameras shares photos from his 15-day trip to the island of Sardinia. Adrià travelled with two cousins and three friends, biking around the island and sleeping on the beaches. Shot on beautifully rich black and white film, Adrià’s photos are not your typical travel pix. They suggest an unknown narrative, reminiscent of Antonioni’s emotional…


Shoot the Breeze: James H Bollen

James H Bollen is a photographer living and working in China. His photos look like they were taken in a far-gone past, or in a strange future, I haven’t decided which.  James has a certain timelessness about him, maybe because his collaborators include long-gone legendary novelists like J.G. Ballard and William Morris. James is most well-known for…


In the Studio: Laurie Kang

PHOTOS BY AARON WYNIA TEXT BY JESS CARROLL In today’s art world, a place fraught with personal branding, internet identities, and ego-flexing, it’s rare to see a young artist who is not interested in showing off. However, Toronto-based Laurie Kang’s list of inspirations suggest an enthusiasm for, rather, a kind of quiet collectivity: “Inspirations? Reading….

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Zine Preview: Nagano Vegas

Nagano Vegas is a new photo book from photographers Yusuke Miyamoto and Marcel Castenmiller. The two met 5 years ago when Marcel took residency in Japan, and have been long distance friends since. Nagano Vegas is a photographic comparison between two travel destinations: Nagano, Japan and Las Vegas, USA. The book also serves as a comparison between…


Mike Rinaldi

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 12 In a world where the line between pornography and fashion disappears, the people working within each field have to up the ante in order to make an impression. Porn gets more graphic and fashion gets more absurd. Mike Rinaldi makes this point in his work by playing with the vernacular inherent to…


New Museum’s Triennial Preview

PHOTOS & TEXT BY WHITNEY MALLETT There is a sense of alien possibility at the New Museum’s 2015 Triennial: Surround Audience. Six years after weirdo video artist Ryan Trecartin was featured in the inaugural triennial, he has returned as a co-curator and, together with Lauren Cornell, has selected an international group of 50-some artist and…


A Conversation with Hannah Kozak

COVER STORY PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 12 INTERVIEW BY WHITNEY MALLETT PHOTOS BY HANNAH KOZAK  Hannah Kozak makes you look at the world twice. You’ve seen her but likely never realized it. She’s performed stunts in big Hollywood flicks like Wild at Heart and Transformers and doubled for ladies like Isabella Rossellini, Lara Flynn Boyle, and…


Shoot the Breeze: Yukihito Kono

Yukihito Kono is photographer living between London and Japan. He is one half of STAY ALONE, a platform/publishing house for independent artists. Yukihito has released a handful of self-published books, perhaps most notably 244, which features 30 pages of photocopied prints of waves and water. Yukihito’s work seems to be testing out new ideas and styles…


NYFW 2015 Trend Round-Up

Our NYFW Correspondent, Jordan Minkoff, gives us the fashion week scoop, including a round-up of the season’s hottest catwalk trends! Alas, we arrive at the close of NYFW F/W 2015. For years upon years fashion week has been the fashion world’s F-U to, well, the fashion world. Bringing in unbridled boys and girls from the…


Stream: Dialect’s Advanced Myth

Dialect’s new album, Advanced Myth, is difficult to describe. It’s moody, almost sad, but also strange, atmospheric, and full of fun surprises. Slow ambience combined with musique concrete makes for a full emotional effect, especially in the morning. The music speaks to the past, to memory, but not in the ‘hypnogogic’ sense, more in the way…


Photo Diary: Monika Mogi

Our Tokyo correspondent, Monika Mogi, recently travelled to California to attend the LA Art Book Fair. Alongside Dafy Hagai, Maya Fuhr, Rebecca Storm, Valerie Phillips, Dana Boulos, and yours truly, Monika ran the Girlfriends Table. After the fair was over, Monika and Dafy hit the road and cruised to Death Valley and Las Vegas, smoking…

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Cole Kush

PRINTED IN ISSUE 12 Cole Kush is an engineer. But he doesn’t build bridges or skyscrapers. He is a social engineer with brilliant precision. He sees a layer of the onion that few can. Conversing with Cole reveals an unrivaled deadpan, so much so that it can be almost impossible to separate the earnest from…


Night Talks

Night Talks is a new monthly column featuring photos & philosophical musings by Joe McMurray Occasionally, I’m struck in a profound way by odd things. For example, I recently watched a video made by some marine scientists of various sea creatures feeding at the bottom of the ocean. The scientists had attached a camera and…


Zine Preview: Outrageous Fortune #1

The Editorial is pleased to report the long anticipated arrival of Outrageous Fortune #1, the first edition of a new prose and poetry zine featuring past contributors Jessica Campbell, Jason Harvey, our editor Olivia Whittick, and many others. This is an ongoing project publishing humorous prose and poetry works dealing with themes of absurdity, obscurity…


Shoot the Breeze: Brian Salatino

I met Brian Salatino in LA a few years ago with some friends. He took us to a fancy gated community where he worked as a gardener. We got stoned and swam in the pool while he worked. Brian has spent the last 7 years living in Japan, and works as a translator there. He…