Nobody Here – Dj Young Kiera

Dj Young Kiera is back. Nobody here Island sunrise – Software Forever – The Beach Boys Untotooku – Chiemi Manabe Earth message – Bernard Fevre Russia – Elisa Waut Make it easy on yourself – Dionne Warwick Tezeta – Mulatu Astatke Let love flow on – Sonya spence A love of your own – Ned…


Jimmy Limit

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 12 Drawing on the formal conventions of commercial stock photography, Jimmy Limit engages the graphic vocabulary of ULine’s industrial and packing catalogues. Limit recontextualizes the generic language of the catalogue and renders it absurd, eschewing coherence in favour of visual gratification. By displaying them in these uncanny settings, the artist compels us to see…


Crime Scenes by Zachary Cummings

PRINTED IN ISSUE 12 PAINTINGS BY ZACHARY CUMMINGS My most recent body of work is derived from crime scene photos used in violent cases that my mother has tried as a prosecutor. Banal, uncomposed, and indexical, crime scene photos contain the inhuman gaze of the law at the very moment it encounters real human trauma….


Shoot the Breeze: Michel Sadowski

I haven’t been this excited about a photographer in a while. I stumbled onto Polish-photographer Michel Sadowski‘s work and couldn’t believe he’d never been published.  His photos are completely original, existing outside of current photography trends. I would describe them as observational, existential, sad and funny. Michel is like a spy, shooting people from his car window,…


Kristie Muller Editorial

We asked photographer Kristie Muller to shoot a fashion story for our latest issue. Having been on a seeming hiatus from fashion photography, we were excited when she sent us this surveillance-style editorial. Shot and styled by herself, Kristie presents a pedestrian perspective of fashion, not particular to a time or place. Featured in issue 12. 


Sensitive 60s & 70s Mix

Cry your heart out with Harry, Dusty, Pete and more. Seductive songs for sensitive souls on melancholy days. Tunes collected and mixed by Rebecca Storm. 1. Bee Gees – Reaching Out (Demo) 2. Beach Boys – All I Wanna Do 3. Dusty Springfield – If You Go Away 4. Wendy Rene – After Laughter 5….


A Conversation with Juan Wauters

INTERVIEW & PHOTOS BY LAURA-LYNN PETRICK PRINTED IN ISSUE 12 Juan Pablo Wauters of Queens, New York is a charismatic kind of man. When I met him he pulled up on Dundas Street in a late ‘80s white Volvo station wagon wearing Levi’s and a white collared shirt. His car is full of character—there are…


Shoot the Breeze: Sophia Larigakis

Sophia Larigakis is an upcoming Montreal photographer and student. She also seems to travel a lot, as discovered through the unfamiliar scenes in her work. With an interest in experimental and New Wave film, Sophia’s images feel cinematic, sci-fi even, but retain a soft femininity. – CM 1. Why do you take photos? It’s an…


Shitty Genius: An Essay by Brad Phillips

SHITTY GENIUS AN ESSAY BY BRAD PHILLIPS PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 12      I am writing in this fashion, where I’m referring to myself, because it allows me to tell you that it’s possible I have been told I am a genius. And that it’s a fact I have been told I am an asshole….


Shoot the Breeze: Christian DeFonte

Christian DeFonte submitted his snapshots to us over the holidays. Originally from San Jose and now working in NYC, Christian’s photos document his trips back home. His work is borderline vernacular – candid family shots – namely of his baby sister, cousin and grandmother, and sights seen on the street. -CM 1. Why do you…


A Conversation with D.S. & Durga

INTERVIEW & PHOTOS BY REBECCA STORM Burning Barbershop: spearmint , lavender, burnt oil, lime, absolute, vanilla, hemlock spruce, turkish rose, hay   While most of Western culture marinates in it, the creation of perfume sort of flies under the radar—more often regarded as a commercial enterprise rather than an art form.  This is one of the many reasons why…


Photo Diary: Maya Fuhr

Maya Fuhr’s latest photo diary documents her ten-day trip to Hawaii this Xmas with her sister, her dad and his girlfriend. Maya says the trip was strange and slightly boring. To see more of Maya’s work, click here.


A Conversation with Connan Mockasin & His Bandmates

PRINTED IN ISSUE 12  INTERVIEW BY APRIL KELLER-MACLEOD PHOTOS BY KATRIN BRAGA Anyone who has ever had the opportunity to see Connan Mockasin perform live will know that he is not just a musician, but a total creative vision taking form through sound and performance. Originally from New Zealand and presently living in London, Connan and his…


Shoot the Breeze: Nathan Cyprys

Nathan Cyprys is a photographer working in Toronto. The editor at Vice Canada put me on to Nathan’s work when we were curating the Vice photo show ‘Kind of Wild and Sort of Free.’ His photos from a recent trip to Barbados and Eleuthera Island fit the theme perfectly – hilarious and depressing depictions of middle-aged…


Meet the Editors!

When I was asked to write “a meet the editors” piece for The Editorial I was excited because I sort of thought I was an editor, and that I would have the chance to introduce myself to the readers of this magazine. But then I realized I’m not an editor but rather a mere “contributor,”…

Picture 11

Fatine-Violette Sabiri X Lu Philippe Guilmette

PRINTED IN ISSUE 12 PHOTOS BY FATINE-VIOLETTE SABIRI  STYLING BY LU PHILIPPE GUILMETTE  ASSISTANT: JEAN-GUY FORGET MODEL: Nôamane Sabiri    CREDITS: 1:       Top: Le Service Public 2, 3:      Turtleneck: Superfluous, Suit: Acne Studios, Shoes: Y-3 4:      Top & pants: Le Service Public, Sunglasses: Prada 5,6,7:      Coat:…


Scarecrow Fashion F/W 2015