Shoot the Breeze: Rebekah Campbell

Rebekah Campbell’s photography transitions smoothly between the fantasy world of fashion and representations of the idyllic banalities of youth culture and suburbia. The 22-year-old NYC-based photographer often utilizes duplication—superimposing images, or expressing a fascination with twins or similar-looking subjects. These echoes and repetitions lend a visual blossoming effect to her photos that nicely compliments the seventies…

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Red Wine Review

We’re reviewing red wines today on the Editorial. Video by Jason Harvey & Lucas Nathan. Special thanks to Chris Vilvang. Please enjoy!  


Katrin Braga X Maria Katarina

PHOTOS BY KATRIN BRAGA ART DIRECTION BY MARIA KATARINA STYLING BY DEANNA PALKOWSKI MAKEUP BY PAULA LANZADOR HAIR BY TANIA BECKER MODELS: Jenny Choi  @ Lorde Inc/RadKids, Tre & Nicola @Lorde Inc, Elysse @ Family Management, Tatenda @ Detention Agency     Clothing: 1-4.  Vintage 5. Vintage Top, VEJAS pants 6. Vintage United Colors of…


Shoot the Breeze: Brent Morley Smith

Montreal-based artist Brent Morley Smith captures a relatable intimacy rare in still photography. Best known for his self-published zines, Brent has mastered the art of marrying two candid images to create a nostalgic and immersive viewing experience. His most jarring works seem to extend from the tender recesses of his life, most notably the photobook of his long-time childhood friend, Emma. Brent is in a transitional phase, from his love of snapshot photography to an interest…


Editorial by Yulia Zinshtein

 PHOTOS BY YULIA ZINSHTEIN Model: Rachel Zaretsky      


Morgan Maher X Rachel Donelan

PHOTOS BY MORGAN MAHER STYLING BY RACHEL DONELAN MODEL: Cierah Sargent Clothing Credits 1. Top: Hanes t shirt with rope details by Rachel Donelan 2. Top: Rachel Donelan 3: Top: Sunrise mart, Stockings: Models own 4. Top: Hanes t shirt with rope details by Rachel Donelan 5. Tube top: Rachel Donelan, Skirt: Rachel Donelan 6….


Studio Visit: Dana Slijboom

PHOTOS BY AARON WYNIA  INTERVIEW BY MARINA KAMALOVA Toronto-based Dana Slijboom is an artist who makes cool silly scribbly drawings and posts them to her blog SIGNZZZZ. We visited Slijboom in her west-end Toronto studio to talk to her about her transition to painting, her motivation for creating work, and her daily drawing practice. What…


Pre-campaign: GÉRALD ET FATINE SS16


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Shoot the Breeze: Tessa Bolsover

Tessa Bolsover‘s photos are mostly black and white. Between these two shades she captures all kinds of drama. The 21-year-old photographer from Portland, Oregon photographs vast intimidating landscapes as well as enigmatic portraits. Her photos are mysterious and eerie; they seem like frames from a movie I would like to see. Tessa is also a musician,…


Vinna Laudico Editorial

 PHOTOS & STYLING BY VINNA LAUDICO MODEL: Gabrielle Boisvert      All clothes are vintage pieces, model’s / stylist’s own. Special thanks to Empire Express, Local 23 and Yard666sale.


Shoot the Breeze: John Clayton Lee

John Clayton Lee is a painter-turned-photographer living in Los Angeles. He seems to be able to capture just about anything with a subtle and measured eye. All of the formal qualities that make good photography are here. However, what separates Lee from other photographers isn’t just his craftsmanship. What stands out is his reverence for beauty itself…


Running Errands with the Mild High Club

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 13 RUNNING ERRANDS WITH THE MILD HIGH CLUB TEXT & PHOTOS BY JOE MCMURRAY  Alex Brettin, the visionary behind The Mild High Club (Stones Throw Records), recently upped his game in a big way with the purchase of a 2004 Honda Odyssey. He used to drive a Ford Transit or something with only two…


Yifei Liu & Xinyue Zhang

PHOTOS BY: IGOR TERMENON MAKEUP: SHAUN LAVENDER Model: Meg Johannessen @ Colours Agency We’re thrilled to introduce the work of two Fashion Design Master students from the Glasgow School of art, Yifei Liu and Xinyue Zhang. The young Chinese designers’ collections will be featured in the MDes Fashion + Textiles’s Fashion Promenade that takes place today.   Xinyue…

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Diva: Divinity in Thee

I was recently at Diva’s house, which she shares with her husband Matthew and their almost 2-year-old daughter, Love. Their home is at the top of a dusty hill from which you can see other hills and the lights of the houses nestled on them and a great swath of the Los Angeles urban phenomenon….


Gospel Mime & Thirst: 2 Films by Whitney Mallett

Whitney Mallett’s documentary Gospel Mime will have a preview screening in Toronto Friday night at Double Double Land. The lyrical short, which features cinematography by Jason Harvey and a score by Philip Karneef, takes a look at the religious subculture of miming for Jesus. A second film by Mallett, a collaboration with Karneef and Anna Barie about LA’s…


Home is a Strange Stranger

Photographer Justin Tyler Close shot the prolific choreographer Ryan Heffington in his LA home – a place he does not often spend time in. Ryan has spent the majority of his time traveling the world choreographing pieces for the likes of FKA Twigs and Florence Welch; he is best known for his dark and beautiful…


Girls of Summer by Yulia Zinshtein

Photographer Yulia Zinshtein shares with us photos of her girl-packed summer : )      

For Jess-31

A Conversation with Jeff Bierk

PHOTOS BY JEFF BIERK INTERVIEW BY JESS CARROLL  Making art requires an inherent boldness of character. Toronto-based photographer Jeff Bierk is bold, and maybe one of the bravest souls I know, acutely aware of the potential hardships associated with forging an untrodden creative path. Bierk is nonetheless resilient, which allows him to create work that…