Yulia Zinshtein x Valerie Kamen

Photos: Yulia Zinshtein Models: Valerie Kamen & Harriet Tebbetts   Styling: Valerie Kamen 


Shoot the Breeze: Micaela McLucas

I get the feeling Micaela McLucas is a party girl, traveling around the beaches and various parties of the world, taking photos and selfies as she goes. Her photos are interesting to me, richly saturated renditions of a seemingly artificial, druggy, glamorous world. Micaela is an LA native currently living in Paris. We were excited to find…


Boys will be Boys – Jang Yoong

portrait series from Korean-based photographer Jang Yoong 


Photo Diary: Maya Fuhr

Here is Maya Fuhr’s 3rd installment of her diary series for the Editorial. Between preparing for her upcoming photo installation at the Art Gallery of Ontario and shooting look books for various fashion brands, Maya spends her time taking photos of friends and strange objects in her bedroom-studio and out and about on the streets of Toronto. For…


Aidan Koch

Aidan Koch is a painter and illustrator. Her work, which consists of pencil sketches, water colour landscapes and other scenes, often appropriates sections of paintings, architecture, and things found on the internet through close, detailed cropping. Aidan says she’s building a specific aesthetic language by creating collections of disparate symbols. She is definitely up to something…

Adrian Samson 2015_bottles_2

Shoot the Breeze: Adrian Samson

Adrian Samson is a Slovakian-born photographer, now living and working in North-East London. With an impressive list of commercial clients such as Xbox, Microsoft, and T-mobile, it’s not surprising that Adrian’s personal work resembles eerily manicured stock photography. Adrian  first learned about photography from his father at the age of 8. Having since mastered the use of light inside…


Stream: Scientific Dreamz of U / Junior Loves “The Dreamcode”

I always like the use of proper names in song titles –  Michael’s Pencil,  Allison Falls Over, – or in the case of 1080p’s most recent release “The Dreamcode” – Ignacio’s Daydream, and then a little later, Ignacio’s Solution. Using song titles like these provides a story that might otherwise be somewhat abstract in the music…


Bacterial Selfies by Olivia Vankuiken

Olivia Vankuiken, a high school senior in New Jersey, submitted a series of unique self portraits she made by cultivating her own bacteria in petri dishes and scanning them. The young artist took bacteria from different parts of her body to create a physical representation of herself. The images are similar to that of a fingerprint, said Olivia. “Alone…


NattoFranco FW15

Born in Japan, bred in Paris, Noémie Sébayashi is the 23-year-old designer behind the street wear line NattoFranco. Sebayashi’s work fuses together her Japanese roots– the heritage she calls her muse–with her daily Parisian lifestyle. The result of the two identities coming together is a purposeful bond, forming a strong Japanese visual aesthetic with a feel of…


Tonstartssbandht Retrospective

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 12 Andy and Edwin White are two brothers who form the band Tonstartssbandht. They also have their respective solo projects, Andy Boay and Eola. They are near and dear to us over here at The Editorial Magazine. As documentation of the trajectory of their growth, the brothers share with us a…


Backgrounds by Rebecca Storm



Ronald Rose X Francois Quillacq

PHOTOS BY RONALD ROSE & FRANCOIS QUILLACQ MODELS: Fatine Violette Sabiri & Gerald Lajoie Restrepo  Credits:  1. Tunic: Gerald Lajoie 2. Patatoe bag: Eckhaus Latta 3. Sleeveless sweater: Gerald Lajoie 4. Glove + sleeveless top: Pedram Karimi 5. Top: Pedram Karimi 6. Tunic: Pedram Karimi 7. Glove: Pedram Karimi 8: Tunic: Rad Hourani 9: Tunic:…


Photo Diary: Adrià Cañameras

Spain-based photographer Adrià Cañameras shares photos from his 15-day trip to the island of Sardinia. Adrià travelled with two cousins and three friends, biking around the island and sleeping on the beaches. Shot on beautifully rich black and white film, Adrià’s photos are not your typical travel pix. They suggest an unknown narrative, reminiscent of Antonioni’s emotional…


Shoot the Breeze: James H Bollen

James H Bollen is a photographer living and working in China. His photos look like they were taken in a far-gone past, or in a strange future, I haven’t decided which.  James has a certain timelessness about him, maybe because his collaborators include long-gone legendary novelists like J.G. Ballard and William Morris. James is most well-known for…


In the Studio: Laurie Kang

PHOTOS BY AARON WYNIA TEXT BY JESS CARROLL In today’s art world, a place fraught with personal branding, internet identities, and ego-flexing, it’s rare to see a young artist who is not interested in showing off. However, Toronto-based Laurie Kang’s list of inspirations suggest an enthusiasm for, rather, a kind of quiet collectivity: “Inspirations? Reading….

Picture 10

Zine Preview: Nagano Vegas

Nagano Vegas is a new photo book from photographers Yusuke Miyamoto and Marcel Castenmiller. The two met 5 years ago when Marcel took residency in Japan, and have been long distance friends since. Nagano Vegas is a photographic comparison between two travel destinations: Nagano, Japan and Las Vegas, USA. The book also serves as a comparison between…


Mike Rinaldi

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 12 In a world where the line between pornography and fashion disappears, the people working within each field have to up the ante in order to make an impression. Porn gets more graphic and fashion gets more absurd. Mike Rinaldi makes this point in his work by playing with the vernacular inherent to…