At Home with Julia Kennedy: A Recipe for Spice Rice

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 18 WRITTEN BY JULIA KENNEDY   I rejoice in solitude when the house is quiet and no one might disturb the comings and goings of my rituals. Right now, I sit perched here in my kitchen, alone, for the moment blissful. I can hear Alice Coltrane, Roxy Music Avalon, two angelic cats…

Brian Rideout in the Garden Room

QUARRIED MARBLE, 2018, foam, plaster, acrylic, wood Images Courtesy of MKG127 Enter a gallery room containing paintings of pictures, decoratively hung, warmly lit. The first work before us is not a painting of a space or the objects within it, but is a representational painting of the 72nd page of a 20th Century interior design…

The Strange World of Ambera Wellmann

Ambera Wellmann is lamenting energy vampires—the most highly evolved stage of a failed painting. But failure in this context feels rather oxymoronic floating so near to Wellmann’s visual oeuvre. Born and raised on the East Coast of Canada, Wellmann now operates out of Berlin. Her most recent work, which explores the mythology of porcelain, features moody, amorphous globs—the jelly-like ooze of a tadpole on the precipice of hatching.

Ivy Haldeman’s Interesting Type

Images courtesy of Downs & Ross, New York “Many of you have asked why we are so confident in our ability to deliver the top line and what specifically will drive it…We see Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs increase households’ penetration and velocity, grow dollar sales and gain share.”  – The Kraft Heinz Co.  2018 Earnings Call, The Interesting…

Premiere: Native Cruise’s Orange, Feel

“The sky above the port was the colour of television, tuned to a dead channel.” – William Gibson, Neuromancer Native Cruise’s Sunsets & Deeper Moods marks the first release on a new tape series from London label No Bad Days. The Northern English producer made a wave with his summer hit “Calypso Spring,” returning with this moodier,…

Marisa Kriangwiwat Holmes’ Prizes

Animals are always the observed. The fact that they can observe us has lost all significance. They are the objects of our ever-extending knowledge. What we know about them is an index of our power.

Ben Sledsens’ Two Trees

Sledsens’ work in Two Trees, currently on view at Tim Van Laere Gallery, is strong, vivid, and humorous.

Is It Wrong to be Wrong: Kirin J Callinan

Is It Wrong to be Wrong: Kirin J Callinan shot in Australia by Mia Rankin & Kurt Johnson

Débora Delmar’s Corporate Façades

Each object and surface selected by Debora Delmar designates power and class. The fact that Delmar’s chosen signifiers seem quaint and playfully retro shows that as a society we’ve gotten good at concealing our capitalism

Claire Christerson’s Night Shade

Claire Christerson channels teenage energy, with emo-aesthetic drawings and diary-style scribbles in “Night Shade,” her latest exhibition at Little Sister Gallery

Interview with Gospel Drone singer Klein

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 18 Creative Direction & Interview by Jessica Canje Photos by Bernice Mulenga Styling by Sharkkana Pryce Hair + Makeup: Mata Labs Dearly beloved Editorial Magazine readers, we would like to introduce you to Klein. But how? The South London singer and producer is difficult to place because she encompasses such a whirlwind…

Walking on Grass with Yu Su

Today we are pleased to premiere a short documentary on Vancouver-based electronic musician and DJ, Yu Su, profiling her journey into dance music from the lessons she learned from her mother to the ways in which the West coast landscape inspires her.

Premiere: Big Zen’s Weo

You can really picture for yourself a social activity or event that you can sincerely look forward to attending. Everyday you are becoming more and more interested in whatever it is that you are doing.

Lou Fratino & Angela Dufresne’s Glazed

Two artists, at different junctures of their careers, explore themes of intimacy within the context of a queer dialogue in Glazed, the duo painting show currently up at Monya Rowe Gallery in New York.

Heather Benjamin’s Maiden Form

Don’t be fooled by the pink hues in Heather Benjamin’s curatorial debut “Maiden Form,” currently on view at Andrew Eldin Gallery. The last decade’s trend of all-girl group shows arguably only perpetuated the myth of the eternal feminine, seemingly fixated on the cis woman’s experience of erotica and menstruation. What makes Benjamin’s exhibition stand out is her selection of artists, who responded to her call for “meditations on femininity” with subversive and poignant work centred on their individual experiences.

Clarissa by Annabell P. Lee

Los Angeles artist Annabell P. Lee is making an indelible impression with her signature hand-painted checkered designs. We’re excited to show her latest collection of hyper-saturated corsets and denim in this shoot styled and photographed by Lee herself, featuring Clarissa as model.

George Rouy’s Leaking Visions of Red

Have you ever really seen a face in a dream? We supposedly remember our stronger dreams, ones wrought with sexual tension, sexual release. But at most, we can only place a person’s presence – shadowy, and blurred. Leaking Visions of Red, George Rouy’s current show at Anna Zorina Gallery, feels like a sexual dream, seedy, misty and strange