One to Watch: Justine Rivas

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16 Justine Rivas makes magical paintings that come from magical thinking. To become an artist she learned the ideologies spoken between standard lines from trusted sources as other self-truths were sparkling in her proximity. Studying the choreography of her sociocultural context and fitting into the hard reality of her present, she will…


Florencia Escudero’s Haunted Honeymoon Suite

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16  Garbage and ghosts are both lonely. Emerging from the trash of porn culture, Florencia Escudero’s sculptures haunt a honeymoon suite, their hollowed-out contours suggestive phantasms, flirting with packaged and plastic notions of hot women and hetero coupledom, but these effigies are DIY recreations of phony fantasies, coaxing sweet dreams from beautiful…

Sun Stairs

A Chapel for Light: Camille Jodoin-Eng

Plaza by Camille Jodoin-Eng Gladstone Art Hut, February 23-26th, 2017 Interview by Darby Milbrath Video by Brittany Shepherd I like to think about the transitionary nature of a space. This space was a cafe once. Then it was hollowed out and empty, waiting to become a shiny condo—one of those hurriedly built condo’s whose doors will…


Shelby Fenlon X Amanda Lee Shirreffs

 PHOTOS BY SHELBY FENLON STYLING BY AMANDA LEE SHIRREFFS Model: Henriette @ Seen Agency        Clothing: 1 bustier: borrowed from Amanda’s Aunt / pants: House of Vintage / shoes: Value Village 2 bodysuit: Chosen Vintage 3 ‘shoes’: Shelby Fenlon / dress: Chosen Vintage 4 sweatshirt: Henriette’s own / ‘pants’: Shelby Fenlon / shoes: Henriette found on…


Amalia Ulman Talks to Zoe Koke

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16 TEXT BY ZOE KOKE “Where do we get the energy to fight, where are the flowers?” is a part of the spoken voiceover for Amalia Ulman’s Powerpoint presentation, for her most recent performance, Privilege. I am feeling spacey from a 60 hour work week and somewhat hormonal when I meet Amalia…

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Tess Roby: In View

“Places are fragmentary and inward-turning histories, pasts that others are not allowed to read, accumulated times that can be unfolded but like stories held in reserve, remaining in an enigmatic state” -Michel de Certeau, The Invention of Everyday Life, 1990.  The scale of Tess Roby’s large-format 35mm prints make them immediately compelling, and yet, upon closer…


Interview with Evy Jane

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16 Interview & styling by Nafisa Kaptownwala Photography by Arvida Byström Wardrobe from 69us I was first introduced to Evelyn Mason’s music through her project Bobo Eyes, which she worked on alongside Regular Fantasy’s Olivia Meek. The two made the sweetest electronic/pop/R&B, brought to you by Evy’s smooth, soulful vocals. Little did…


Cristine Brache, I Love Me, I Love Me Not

“How can one wish to continue existing as an embodiment of the past, while simultaneously wishing the past never happened?”    “In Puerto Rico, they sampled some twenty thousand people and found that a large portion of their DNA consisted of Native American ancestry, likely to be Taíno or Ciboney. All of it was female….


Panayiotis Terzis

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16 An engraving on an ancient Mesopotamian cylinder seal depicts a UFO landing on Earth. A Dogü figurine dated 1000 BCE looks suspiciously similar to our modern concept of an extraterrestrial visitor. There are several objects on the planet that support a theory of ancient aliens, or the idea that beings landed…


MALL IS MY LIFE: An Editorial!

Photo : Monika Mogi Art Direction: Marginal Press  Models : Naoki, Chico, Anna SHOP THE LOOK HERE!                                              Like what you see?! Shop the latest Editorial suits & hats at Marginal Press. Not available…


Joe McMurray: Fashion Explore

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16. Without surfaces there are no depths. Fashion Explorer Joe McMurray lends us his critical eye for this examination of the ensembles of Los Angeles. Just like public health institutions, religious organizations often use fashion to depersonalize their adherents, subjugating the concept of the individual to that of a higher power. Sameness…

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LA Timpa: Adventures In East Pajdera

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 16 INTERVIEW BY JESSICA CANJE PHOTOS BY VULGARTEEN One day LA Timpa came to a fork in the road and saw a white-haired, purple-eyed unicorn beside a tall standing tree. “Which road should I take?” he asked. “Where do you want to go?” The charming unicorn replied. “I’m following where my instincts…


Interview with Kiko Mizuhara

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 INTERVIEW & PHOTOS BY MONIKA MOGI STYLING BY CHRISTINE LAI CO-STARRING YUKA MIZUHARA HAIR & MAKE-UP BY KANAKO YOSHIDA  I first met Kiko when we shot the cover for a Japanese magazine three years ago. For the Editorial, we wanted to take control and do something fun together — we had…


Char Esme’s Dody Rodent Traps



Emily Post-Internet Etiquette

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 15 WRITTEN BY WHITNEY MALLETT & ANGELINA DREEM From Santa Fe to Seoul, members from society wake, reaching for their interconnected devices, those glowing orbs that separate man from beast. We are always connected but too often there is a disconnect. Not because the IRL is any more “real” than the URL,…


Brad Phillips: Bullshit Both Talks & Walks

Brad Phillips’ photorealistic and text-based paintings are autobiographical, figuring his wife in intimate moments, or depicting various phrases that might amuse or terrify him. These are confessional works, expressing dread, absurdity and the complexity of love and domesticity. In turns provocative and erotic, or dad-jokey and sentimental, as a whole his work is confrontational—through his paintings,…