I’ve never been crazy about going to art exhibitions… In most cases, the artists showing are usually quite established; it’s unlikely you’ll discover some underground, under-appreciated artist. And there’s no chance you will be taking home any of the work in a material sense, as art world prices can be afforded by few and far between. I…


Review: Marvin Luvualu Antonio’s Dispossessed/ Pt 1

REVIEW WRITTEN BY RAUL ALTOSAAR & PETROSE TESFAI  Dispossessed /Pt 1 “Unless the past and the future were made part of the present by memory and intention, there is nowhere to go.” – Ursula K. Le Guin “We each have our own maps. Unique cartograms that trace our movements through time. We move when culture…

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A Conversation with Maren Karlson

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY EMILY FRIEDMAN From her studio in Berlin, Maren Karlson makes drawings of powerful Amazonian women interfacing in a world of recurrent tropes that range from dominatrix Mickey Mouse, hyper-geometric interiors, and half-burnt cigarettes. The character is mammoth, with undulating arms and an anthropomorphic braid; badass, aggressive and splendid. Her…


Fantasy Editorial by Olivia Dreisinger

Photographer & Director: Olivia Dreisinger Stylist: Adina Boom Hair: Glammy Lee Models: MaddieFoerster, Mike Friend, Samira Warsame , Rosie Waxman, Alex Maliki Casis, Benaiah Macdonald Designers: Lafaille, Schylar Van Den Helm, Yard666sale, Yoloforlife, Zuzu Knew          


Zine Review: 24 hr Psycho

We got some exciting new mail at the office this week: Petra Collins’ new zine 24 hr Psycho. The zine is the material counterpart to Collins’ show in San Francisco, which spotlights 10 women in moments of emotional distress. In 24 hr Psycho Collins tackles themes of mental health and vulnerability in women, a topic of much…


George Hard by Javier Castan

Photographer: Javier Castán  Stylist: Javier Ly  Make up & hair: David López @ KASTEEL + Agent with Balmain hair style line.  Photographer’s assistant: Pau Roig  Model: George Hard @ View Management    Clothing Credits: look 1: Top by MSGM and jeans by SANDRO. look 2: At right side cotton twill red jacket by GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY,…


Maya Fuhr visits the Cochlear Implant Clinic

The Cochlear Implant is an electronic device that is surgically inserted into the inner ear of a patient who is profoundly deaf of severly hard of hearing. Through the Yamaha Random Acts of Music campaign for awareness, photographer Maya Fuhr visited the Cochlear Implant Clinic at Toronto’s Sunnybrook Hospital, documenting the reactions of Cochlear hearing implant patients…


Preview: The Mountains They Will Crumble

Montreal stalwart gamer poet Nick Williams shares with us some scans from his new book,The Mountains They Will Crumble. Self-published by Dingus Publishing, this is a charming collection of slobbishly intimate and observant poems and stories. First there are some poems about playing video games, smoking weed and interacting with other humans, to varying degrees…


A Conversation with Nguan

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY REBECCA STORM To talk about Nguan’s photography without first considering his unique orchestration of color would be like talking about perfume without any mention of fragrance. What initially drew me (along with thousands of others) to his photos on Instagram was the seamless scroll of sublime pastel hues that…


Dress Up with TOPS

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 PHOTOS BY CLAIRE MILBRATH INTERVIEW BY FANTAVIOUS FRITZ The first time I met TOPS was on a computer screen over Skype. I was really excited to meet them, but sadly I barely heard anything they said because the Internet connection wasn’t very good. Somehow we became great friends and had a lot…


A Conversation with PsychoEgyptian

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY WHITNEY MALLETT PHOTOS BY MORGAN MAHER PsychoEgyptian, born Devin Cuthbertson, spits racially-charged raps carpeted by noisy lo-fi production. Often popping up shirtless, always with “dope” emblazoned in ink across his chest, and not infrequently getting kicked out of whatever party or club in New York, Devin has a grade-school…


A Conversation with Palmtrees

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY WHITNEY MALLETT PHOTOS BY MORGAN MAHER Palmtrees makes rich electronic beats that he pairs with affecting lyrics and live instrumentation under the project name Violence. Talking to him about it, his answers are punctuated with thoughtful pauses and it’s hard to ignore his aura of quiet intelligence. There’s a…

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A Conversation with Yves Tumor

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY WHITNEY MALLETT There’s something self-effacing to Rahel Ali’s vacillation between extremes and his plethora of musical projects. Yves Tumor is the project that’s featured on the Dogfood MG release C-ORE, but Ali also makes music as TEAMS and Bekelé Bernahu as well, each of them hard to categorize. Ali…


Mykki Blanco & Dogfood MG

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY WHITNEY MALLETT PHOTO BY LUIS NIETO DICKENS Mykki Blanco and his Dogfood crew threw an intimate summer solstice party in LA’s Chinatown on the longest night of the year. During someone else’s set, I watched Mykki aka Michael David Quattlebaum Jr., shut a door so it wasn’t swinging into…


Rare Candy Editorial by Jack Mannix


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Preview: Darby Milbrath’s Blue Hyacinth

We are incredibly pleased and enormously proud to inform our audience that Darby Milbrath, one of the most talented and deserving painters in recent memory, will be opening her first solo exhibition on April 1st at ESP gallery in Toronto. The show is emotive and intense and humorous, as is typical of the works we…


Francois Quillacq X Juan Corrales & Paul Barge

Photos by François Quillacq Styling by Juan Corrales & Paul Barge Model: Gabrielle Pons & David Anselme    Clothing Credits: 1. trench coat wanda nylon, top american apparel, pants faucon friedlander, vintage boots stylists’s own 3.jacket icosae, body am ap, jeans lanvin archive 4. gabrielle: issey myiake vintage bolero, faucon friedlander top, stylist’s socks, vintage black boots…

Minna Gilligan, Thought of you as my peek, 2014. Courtesy the artist and Daine Singer Gallery

A Conversation with Minna Gilligan

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY ZOE KOKE Minna Gilligan undoubtedly maintains a massive curiosity in everything she does. She is prolific and constant in her approach to creating. She paints, writes books, collages, makes music, writes for Rookie Magazine, and strikes up creative collaborations with fashion brands. What I find the most compelling about…