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Art & Poetry by Jason Harvey

PRINTED IN ISSUE 11 Art & concept by Jason Harvey, photos by Sonya Mandus MY STORE I have a great idea I am going to start a new great store everything is made ethically from locally sourced components we make literally any thing u can think of in creative loft space filled with vibrant young…

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Zine Preview: What’s life? just do it

pascale 93 presents    the book is called ‘What’s life? just do it’ and i would say that it is funny and sincere.   it consists of thoughts and stupid ideas i wrote in iphone at anytime of the day, anywhere, in any situations. I wrote most of it when i was travelling alone in…


Street Styling: NYC

PRINTED IN ISSUE 11 PHOTOS BY ETIENNE SAINT-DENIS STYLING BY MELISSA MATOS  Jacket by Melitta Baumeister   Top by Eckhaus Latta    Top by Eckhaus Latta    Top by Eckhaus Latta   Dress by Harrison Koiwaii   Mesh hood by Josh Reim   Harness by Melitta Baumeister   Sweater by Eckhaus Latta   Jacket by…


Mark Delong: Essay by Brad Phillips

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 11 “When this sky is dead, will they give us a new one?” – Martin Amis, Einstein’s Monsters       Imagine, because at times it might seem terribly appealing, that art was obliterated by a holocaust of unspeakable and nefarious dimensions. Each painting, sculpture, video and photograph becoming so many black…


A Conversation with Mac Demarco

ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN ISSUE 10, SPRING 2014 INTERVIEW BY SCOTT PARSONS PHOTOS BY CLAIRE MILBRATH ART BY MAC  On the verge of the release of his new album, Salad Days, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mac DeMarco from his bedroom in Brooklyn, a zone that seems to hold a profound importance to him…


Josh Reim Editorial


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A Conversation with Sadaf

PRINTED IN ISSUE 11 Interview by Whitney Mallett Photos by Sadaf Sadaf’s music is a viscerally confounding heap of sounds and genres, raw and noisy, but knit together by a keen sense of story. Though New York-based and Persian-born, she first cut her teeth making art and music in Montreal’s experimental scene. Her music is…

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Paintings by Claire Milbrath

~PRINTED IN ISSUE 10~ Here are the paintings I made for our Spring issue, including an ode to Jan Adriaan’s cover photo below : ) Jan Adriaan’s Lobby, 2014, oil on canvas, 20”x16”   Penthouse, 2014, oil on canvas, 30”x40”   Poolside, 2014, oil on canvas, 40”x 32”   Prince Gray, 2014, oil on canvas,…


Shoot the Breeze: Fatine-Violette Sabiri

Fatine-Violette Sabiri is an up and coming photographer living between Montreal and Casblanca, where she was originally born. 20 years old, Fatine’s documentation of the teenage world is intimate and true. Images of her boyfriend laying in bed, or a friend’s expectant stare, make for a visual diary of Fatine’s personal life. This month she’s…


Emma Picq Editorial

PRINTED IN ISSUE 10 Photographer: Emma Picq Styling:  Daytona Williams & Lu Philippe Guilmette Hair: Nori Takabayashi Makeup: Mayumi Oda Photographer’s assistant: Antoine Patronik Model: Luna @ Viva Paris  Credits:  1: t-shirt: Azzendine Alaia, jeans & tights: American Apparel, vest: Courrèges 2:  turtleneck: Courrège, dress: Jacquemus 3, 4: dress: Azzedine Alaia, shoes: Repetto 5, 6, 7: bra,…


Chop My Money: A short film by Theo Anthony

~Interview by Fantavious Fritz~ Theo Anthony recently attended Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School in LA and is currently making a film about the strongest 14 year old in the world. His latest short, “Chop My Money” was shot during a six month stay in the Democratic Republic of Congo while working as a journalist. Theo’s…


Photo Diary: Rebecca Storm

If you didn’t already know, Rebecca Storm is the staff photographer here at the Editorial. Every couple of months we ask her to show us what she’s been up to. Here is her latest photo diary; take a look and get to know how Rebecca spent her summer ; )  


Carly Mark @ Home

~ Artist Carly Mark photographed in her New York home by Adam Levett, issue 10 ~


Workaday Handmade

~Forrest Lewinger is the creator of of Worakday Handmade, a cremaics label run out of Brooklyn, New York. Questionnaire conducted by Jess Carroll ~ Name: Workaday Handmade (Forrest Lewinger) Age: 29 Height: 5′ 10 1/2″ Occupation: Artist Location: Brooklyn, New York Astrological sign: Leo Official URL(s): Favourite color: blue or green or both all mixed…


Ren Hang X Lu Philippe Guilmette

PRINTED IN ISSUE 11  Photographer: Ren Hang Stying: Lu Philippe Guilmette Hair & Makeup: Maki Ihara Models: Bohan Qiu (Elite Paris), Karl Nalpas (Bananas), Sheri Chiu Credits: 1: Transparent Raincoat: BLESS No 28 Climate Confusion Assistance  2: Flag Shirt: BLESS No 28 Climate Confusion Assistance 3: Metal fringe by BLESS No. 36 Nothingneat 4: Hair brush by…


In the Studio: Brad Tinmouth

Photos by Aaron Wynia, text by Jess Carroll Jess: (upon entering Brad Tinmouth’s studio/bungalow, the artist hovering over his stove, stirring a pot): What’s for dinner? Brad: Wood sealer. (beat) You want some water? It’s revealing, this short interaction, typifying a number of personality tropes of Tinmouth, a Toronto-based artist whose work has run the…


Shoot the Breeze: Adam Sajkowski

Adam is a visual artist working primarily in print and type design from his studio in Montreal. I like to think his photography is informed by his interest in design, often snapping storefronts or company signage. The following photos are from his instagram.  – CM 1. Why do you take photos? It’s a never ending lesson…


Mozart’s Sister

Text by Claire Bargout, pix by Claire Milbrath Caila Thompson-Hannant enters my Buick smelling of Hermès and smiling like an old friend. We’ve met a couple times, always in the thick fog of a Montreal afterparty, screaming introductions. We are little more than strangers, but I’ve spent months dancing around my apartment and singing along…