Annu Kilpeläinen

PRINTED IN ISSUE 11 Annu Kilpeläinen’s art can be compared to a ray of sunlight hitting your dad’s favourite tropical shirt on a hot summer day. Bright, flat, and filled with colours, Annu paints cars, tulips and poolside landscapes.  We discovered her work through our long-time contributor Clay Hickson, who published her vehicle-inspired zine, Rally,…


Photo Diary: Justin Tyler Close

 Photographer Justin Tyler Close (Los Angeles) sent us the next chapter of his on-going travel journal, “Nowhere is Somewhere,“ which documents his long-distance relationship with fellow artist Jeanne Briand (Paris.) Like most long-distance relationships, their time is divided between being together and planning when to see each other next. Here we find the two in Palm Springs <3


Zine Preview: Tiny Strangers

“Sometimes life is all about not getting what you expected you would, so we made a zine about it.” Artists Rebecca Storm and Scott Parsons teamed up to make Tiny Strangers, a humorous compilation of baby mix-up news stories alongside mismatch candy still lifes. You can order it HERE.  Baby shock: Gran lifts lid on…


Slow Down and Sip – Gucchi Babe

- All measurements in millimetres. – Content has been snipped and sipped. – Please refrain from designing chairs. ~ Gucchi Babe Featuring: Ramzi Arjun Ram Srivatsa Lil Noid Vangelis Katsoulis A.R.T. Wilson / Andras Fox DJ Rashad D’eon Gucchi Babe Kane West D. Tiffany Beanie Man DJ Haus


A Conversation with STEVE JR

PRINTED IN ISSUE 11 INTERVIEW BY SPENCER GILLEY PHOTOS BY CLAIRE MILBRATH Last month STEVE JR played a sold-out show in Montreal with their forefathers Cousins of Reggae and Tonstartssbandht. All three bands share a common thread in their amazing ability to explore everything that is possible with their seemingly straightforward two-man setup. Everyone is…


Monika Mogi X Masako Ogura

   PRINTED IN ISSUE 11 PHOTOS BY MONIKA MOGI STYLING BY MASAKO OGURA MODELS: KYOHEI, MIHO, SHIHO  CREDITS:  1. 2. 3. 4. 5. : Shiho and Miho wear blue and pink dress by Jacquemus. Kyohei wears  white jumpsuit – miho: jacquemus dress, kyohei, raf simons, kenzo jacket, chanel sunglasses 6. green shirt : vintage 7. 8. 9….


A Conversation with Bridget Moser

INTERVIEW BY LORETA LAMARGESEVISUALS COURTESY OF MERCER UNION I first became familiar with Bridget Moser’s performance art when I turned a corner at the AGO in 2013, entered a Group of Seven Gallery, and unexpectedly heard the instrumentals to Eminem and Dr. Dre’s “Forgot About Dre.” I found Bridget, dressed in a floral suit, at…


Shoot the Breeze: Ina Niehoff

German photographer Ina Niehoff shows a blunt aesthetic vision inspired by everyday objects. Her striking composition isolates common man-made objects and natural elements of her surroundings, creating visual sculptures out of nothing. Ina contributed to issue #11 in a six page spread featuring resting parasols, a lonely pack of crackers, a single cloud, etc.  See her…

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Behind the Fashion: Issue 12

A behind the scenes look at our upcoming fashion spread featuring photographer Fatine-Violette Sabiri, styling by Lu Philippe Guilmette Starring Noamane Video by Connor Brady

damon amen820

A Conversation with Amen Dunes

PRINTED IN ISSUE 11 INTERVIEW BY JOE MCMURRAY PHOTOS BY ANDREW VOLK A couple years ago my friend introduced me to Amen Dunes, the musical project (at least primarily) of  New-Yorker Damon McMahon. The first album I heard was called Through Donkey Jaw and I was immediately mystified. It’s dark, homemade-feeling, beautiful;  it seems to…

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Art & Poetry by Jason Harvey

PRINTED IN ISSUE 11 Art & concept by Jason Harvey, photos by Sonya Mandus MY STORE I have a great idea I am going to start a new great store everything is made ethically from locally sourced components we make literally any thing u can think of in creative loft space filled with vibrant young…

what's life just do it cover2

Zine Preview: What’s life? just do it

pascale 93 presents    the book is called ‘What’s life? just do it’ and i would say that it is funny and sincere.   it consists of thoughts and stupid ideas i wrote in iphone at anytime of the day, anywhere, in any situations. I wrote most of it when i was travelling alone in…


Street Styling: NYC

PRINTED IN ISSUE 11 PHOTOS BY ETIENNE SAINT-DENIS STYLING BY MELISSA MATOS  Jacket by Melitta Baumeister   Top by Eckhaus Latta    Top by Eckhaus Latta    Top by Eckhaus Latta   Dress by Harrison Koiwaii   Mesh hood by Josh Reim   Harness by Melitta Baumeister   Sweater by Eckhaus Latta   Jacket by…


Mark Delong: Essay by Brad Phillips

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 11 “When this sky is dead, will they give us a new one?” – Martin Amis, Einstein’s Monsters       Imagine, because at times it might seem terribly appealing, that art was obliterated by a holocaust of unspeakable and nefarious dimensions. Each painting, sculpture, video and photograph becoming so many black…


A Conversation with Mac Demarco

ORIGINALLY PRINTED IN ISSUE 10, SPRING 2014 INTERVIEW BY SCOTT PARSONS PHOTOS BY CLAIRE MILBRATH ART BY MAC  On the verge of the release of his new album, Salad Days, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mac DeMarco from his bedroom in Brooklyn, a zone that seems to hold a profound importance to him…


Josh Reim Editorial


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A Conversation with Sadaf

PRINTED IN ISSUE 11 Interview by Whitney Mallett Photos by Sadaf Sadaf’s music is a viscerally confounding heap of sounds and genres, raw and noisy, but knit together by a keen sense of story. Though New York-based and Persian-born, she first cut her teeth making art and music in Montreal’s experimental scene. Her music is…

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Paintings by Claire Milbrath

~PRINTED IN ISSUE 10~ Here are the paintings I made for our Spring issue, including an ode to Jan Adriaan’s cover photo below : ) Jan Adriaan’s Lobby, 2014, oil on canvas, 20”x16”   Penthouse, 2014, oil on canvas, 30”x40”   Poolside, 2014, oil on canvas, 40”x 32”   Prince Gray, 2014, oil on canvas,…