Shoot the Breeze: Tess Roby

Tess Roby‘s photography shares with us a world of unforeseen angles and quiet moments. Native to Montreal, Tess began shooting and experimenting with her Minolta point-and-shoot at an early age, developing an eye for composition. The young photographer shoots exclusively on film, intrigued by its grain and the richness of colour it provides. Her eye seems to work best…


A Conversation with Brie Moreno

INTERVIEW BY REBECCA STORM SEE BRIE’S COMIC IN ISSUE 15 Thanks to an awful hangover and me being a useless lump, I came across Brie Moreno‘s work when I fell into an Instagram hole and found her feed. With garish colours, existential toys and snapshots of the terrifyingly prosaic, her aesthetic seemed to cater to babies on mushrooms,…

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Sympathy for the Forger: An Essay by Brad Phillips

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 BY BRAD PHILLIPS In the May 2014 issue of Modern Painters, I wrote an article called “The Quotational Pandemic” in which I attempted to address the slew of painters I saw at that time (art being so terribly boring and unoriginal now that this has already passed) who were mimicking European…


Shoot the Breeze: Prue Stent

INTERVIEW BY SARAH IANNONE  With Phillipa Stent The first time I smoked a joint was with a group of my girlfriends at the beginning of highschool. We all stripped down to our bras and underwear and met in the trees behind my friend’s house because we didn’t want our clothes to smell like smoke. We…

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Rewina Beshue by Petra Collins

PHOTOS BY PETRA COLLINS INTERVIEW BY ARIEL SHEA   Photographer Petra Collins captures a day in the life of young artist and model Rewina Beshue as she kicks back in her SF Bay home. Rewina is an empowering young artist with a strong sense of individuality, who channels this energy into all of her creative endeavors….


Monika Mogi X Masako Ogura

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 PHOTOS BY MONIKA MOGI STYLING BY MASAKO OGURA HAIR & MAKE-UP BY RIE SHIRASHI Models: Mirei & Nene Clothing Credits: Look 1: Stylist’s own Look 2: top: photographer’s own, pants: Jacquemus Look 3: coat: stylist’s own, bra top: Nude Trump, panty: stylist’s own Look 4: white dress: Ai no konbini…


Zine Review: Can’t See the Forest or the Trees

This past week a charming little black and white zine arrived in our mailbox. It was Alex Heilbron‘s cleverly named, Can’t See the Forest or the Trees. Alex explained to us that this was a zine she had made for the L.A. Art Book Fair for the Ladybug House (a project of a few of…

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Shoot the Breeze: Chris Wright Evans

The proliferation of photography via technology anticipates a world in which everything is documented. Put another way: everything is waiting to be photographed. Until something is rendered through and upon the medium of photography it arguably doesn’t exist, since the photograph is an essential standard for a consensus on truth. However, as more of the…


Spring 2 Mix- Dj Lil’ Tuts

    A new mix from our friend Dj Lil’ Tuts. Perfect for bringing in the new season. Open up those windows and hear the birds chirpin :) Featuring tunes from Saint Etienne, Inga, Charles de Crema, Rexy, Madonna and more!


Zine Review: Mr Mouse Vol. 2

Mr Mouse Meets the Mushroom Man & Other Groovy Stories  is the second volume of the Mr Mouse series, created by illustrator Myles Fairhead. Enter Mr Mouse, a spaced-out laid-back sunglass-wearing mouse who often finds himself in bizarre situations. Fairhead, inspired by his favorite childhood comics like Garfield and Zits, came up with the character…

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ACC STUDIOS “Still Waiting” Collection

Toronto artist collective ACC Studios brings us “Still Waiting,” the second official collection from Chee Maduekwe’s brand Abundunce. Inspired by defiant youth culture, the collection features anti-aesthetic graphics paired with a cardigan and a lab coat. Along with the lookbook, ACC Studios released a mix by member Jiminy that can be heard here,  as well as…


Shoot the Breeze: Max Marshall

Max J. Marshall’s series of photographs satisfy our voyeuristic fascination with other living species and their behaviours in so-called natural settings. This satisfaction is accompanied by an onset of questions: Where did he take these photos? How did he encounter these creatures? His use of intriguing angles, cropped framing, and a strong pursuit of detail…


Cut Make Trim

Photographer: Maya Fuhr Stylist & Designer: Seoyoon Song Set Design: Hannah Wnorowski Make-up: Jessah Amarante Model: Dayna Marie @ Major Model Cut Make Trim is a Spring collection inspired by the garment making process and the people behind it. Designer Seoyoon Song first got the idea for CMT when learning how to sew garments at…


Zine Review: @–>—

In a dream collaboration, two of our favourite artists have teamed up to bring us a new zine @–>— , or Rose Zine as Moreno refers to it. A few months ago Brie Moreno & Maren Karlson sparked an internet friendship built on mutual appreciation of each other’s unique, unconventional drawing styles.  After having a…


Buoy R+R Diary

ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 PHOTOS BY ALEXANDRA MARZELLA Artist friends India Menuez, Claire Christerson and Alexandra Marzella spent a week at BUOY RR. BUOY is the artist duo Viva Soudan and Bailey Nolan, and this was their first RR: Residency and Retreat. BUOY RR took place at an 11-acre property in Deep River, Connecticut. The…



I’ve never been crazy about going to art exhibitions… In most cases, the artists showing are usually quite established; it’s unlikely you’ll discover some underground, under-appreciated artist. And there’s no chance you will be taking home any of the work in a material sense, as art world prices can be afforded by few and far between. I…


Review: Marvin Luvualu Antonio’s Dispossessed/ Pt 1

REVIEW WRITTEN BY RAUL ALTOSAAR & PETROSE TESFAI  Dispossessed /Pt 1 “Unless the past and the future were made part of the present by memory and intention, there is nowhere to go.” – Ursula K. Le Guin “We each have our own maps. Unique cartograms that trace our movements through time. We move when culture…

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A Conversation with Maren Karlson

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY EMILY FRIEDMAN From her studio in Berlin, Maren Karlson makes drawings of powerful Amazonian women interfacing in a world of recurrent tropes that range from dominatrix Mickey Mouse, hyper-geometric interiors, and half-burnt cigarettes. The character is mammoth, with undulating arms and an anthropomorphic braid; badass, aggressive and splendid. Her…