Editorial: Bubbly for Dream Room

  Katrin Braga – photographer  Rhi Blossom – model Helen Dao – makeup Tania Becker – hair  Maria Katarina & April Ǩllr – styling/art direction    


Shoot the Breeze: Dafy Hagai

Photographer and fellow member of The Ardorous, Dafy Hagai explores the female subject in suburban Israel. My favourite of her works depict grand Arab structures. Dafy’s zines, ‘Israeli Girls’ and ‘Pink Arab’ feel as much like fashion as they do documentary. -CM  1. Why do you take photos? because it makes me feel romantic 2. Do…


A Conversation with Sean Nicholas Savage

~ The following interview was printed in issue 10. It was conducted by Rebecca Storm, a friend of Sean’s, who has been photographing him since they met. All photos by Rebecca. ~ Sean Nicholas Savage has worked within so many different genres that his music avoids easy categorization. Suffice it to say, if you’re unfamiliar with…


Thea Govorchin

~ The following works were featured in issue 10 ~ Thea Govorchin is an artist currently residing in Montreal. You may remember when we covered her solo show Adult Contemporary - a parodic arrangement of fake marble columns, plastic grapes, and Matisse-esque nudes. While many artists seem to be dipping their brush into the Matisse paint can,…


Matthew Linde’s Centre for Style by Zoe Koke

You may remember Matthew Linde from a small feature we did on him and some of his projects in issue 9. Here Zoe Koke reports further on Linde and the Centre for Style, followed by some short interviews with some of the designers whose work Linde curates at his gallery/boutique hybrid. ~ A few years ago Australian…


From the Archive: The Courtneys

~ Originally published in issue #9 ~ We went on a West Coast tour this past summer and brought the talented photographer Tara Dwelsdorf with us to document things like: the great flooding of Calgary; BC wildlife; Keanu Reeves look-alikes; breaking into Gnarnia (the Gnarliest punk house on the West Coast); burritos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner;…


At Home with Genova Girl

Art Direction by Francois Pisapia Photos by Claire Milbrath Suit by Julien Ceccaldi Model: Charlotte Originally published in issue #10



New mix from DJ Silk, otherwise known as Regfant, or Olivia Carmen ; ) Tracklist: LSD=John Lennon Bobo Eyes~ THINKSTR8(cellphone mix) – Gaza Tech ~ I ‘m Okay GG love ~ don’t know Neo Image ~ jr-east Almandine ~ Fade Away Keiza~Hideaway Cloudface~dojo bounce BOBOeyes ~ Seaside Ramona Lisa~Backwards PATRICIA~Tough Guise Shura~Touch MPL~These Things RegularFantasy~Ride…


Interiors by Rebecca Storm

A series of Playmobil scenes arranged and shot by Rebecca Storm for issue #10   


Atelier Wonder Lookbook SS15

Paulina Wonders is an emerging designer based in Montreal. We shot Paulina’s premiere collection in December, and are now very excited to share her latest work. Shot by the lovely Etienne Saint-Denis    Photographer: Etienne Saint-Denis  Stylist: Lu Philippe Guilmette  Mua: Maïna Militza  Models: Lara Vallance and Laura Picard  Assistants: Juli Germany and Logan Williams 


Faux Editorial Covers

With the coming of issue #11 we asked some friends and staff to create their own covers for the issue. Take a look below : ) Trevor Baird     Alex Heilbron   Pascale Mercier   Rebecca Storm   Basia Wyszynski      Chris Levett   Claire Milbrath Darby Milbrath   Sharona Franklin   Grace…


Premiere: Stream ATM’s new album “Xerox”

Vancouver based label, 1080 P, marks their 20th release today with a stellar collab between two of the labels first signees, Perfume Advert and M/M.  If collaborative practice strives to build upon the strengths and ideas of the participants involved, then the results of this release prove its inherent potential. ATM is the name of the…


Shoot the Breeze: Corey Olsen

My buddy Corey Olsen has knack for finding the uncanny hidden within the mundane and creating exciting photos through chaste subtlety. His works are sometimes like dreamy stock photos or somehow-honest glamour shots. When we walk around Chinatown in New York he stops every couple of blocks to take an iPhone pic of a strange…


From the Archive: Emily Kai Bock

Emily Kai Bock is a Montreal-based director who, alongside fellow Montrealer/cinematographer Evan Prosofsky, gained international recognition for her Grimes music video, ‘Oblivion’ – which currently has over four-and-a-half-million views on YouTube. The duo has since collaborated on a number of creative projects, including music videos for Doldrums and Grizzly Bear.


Photo Diary: Yulia Zinshtein

We asked New York-based photographer Yulia Zinshtein to document her day-to-day experiences this past month. She sent us this collection of intimate and candid portraits taken in Paris, Amsterdam, Montreal and Burlington. 


A Conversation with Mary Bond

Mary Bond is barely legal and effortlessly intellectual. The 19-year-old is practicing selfies as art and writing essays contextualizing the online coven of young women working in intentionally feminist lo- fi self-portraiture. She’s posted naked selfies on the hacker-bro message board 4chan and archived the responses, which include dick pics and haterade like “You seem…


Sigils – Daniel Rincon


Shoot the Breeze: Kendall Stephenson

I knew Kendall for a couple years before I had any idea she was a photographer. While I was putting together our last issue I received an anonymous tip to check out her blog, and ended up running a 6 page spread of her work. Her photos are romantic, dreamy, and refreshingly without pretension. They’re…