Shoot the Breeze: Isobel Rae

Isobel Rae invites us into her intimate friend group and engrosses us with the chronicles of her close personal relationships. The Vancouver-based photographer’s work plays with the classical idea of the muse, taking inspiration from painting techniques that come through in her composition and lighting. Her innocent, light-bathed muses exude an intriguing early adolescent emotional…


Yard666Sale X Claire Milbrath



Brent Goldsmith X Samuel Fournier

PHOTOS BY BRENT GOLDSMITH STYLING BY SAMUEL FOURNIER HAIR & MAKEUP BY BRIGITTE LACOSTE MODEL: Rose @ Folio     Clothing Credits 1-2. Top : Samuel Fournier Leggings : Vintage Pants : Vejas Flip Flop : George 3. Shirt : Vintage Zip-up jacket : Adidas Skirt : BCBG Maxazria 4-5. Scarf : Vintage Tank top…


Studio Visit: Darby Milbrath

PHOTOS & TEXT BY REBECCA STORM Darby Milbrath is no stranger to Editorial Magazine—she is a regular contributor and confidante, (officially “her majesty” in the masthead) and is largely responsible for contributing to the magazine’s aesthetic. When I first met Darby she identified more as a florist or dancer than a painter. Over the years…


June Canedo X Tess Herbert

Editorial shot at the Rockaways featuring performance artist Alexandra Marzella

Rebekah Campbell (1)

Preview: YoureWelcome

We’re excited to preview work from YoureWelcome, a one-night-only group exhibition taking place in New York this evening. A follow up to last year’s show Thankyou, in the East Village, YoureWelcome continues the discourse of what it means to be an artist in New York City. The show sets out to explore issues of identity and assimilation…


Rebecca Storm X UNIF



Shoot the Breeze: Camille Lévêque

 At first glance Camille Lévêque seems like a lazy photographer, the kind who doesn’t bother to get out of the car to get the shot. But in actuality, Camille is more like a huge manic eyeball, taking in and capturing everything she sees as fast as she can. Her apparent disregard for the rules of…


Review: Unsafe at Any Speed

The Forensics of Reception Text by Nathan Brown A Review of Unsafe at Any Speed, Organized by Eli Kerr, 820 Plaza 9 October – 20 November A friend and I were looking for the gallery, but GPS was a little off. We wandered around behind a couple warehouses, knocked on a couple closed metal doors that…


Zine Review: Dafy Hagai’s Sunset

Today we’re taking a look at some images from Sunset, the newest book from photographer Dafy Hagai. Dafy’s photographic work has closely followed the coming-of-age of Middle Eastern teenage girls, often depicted in her trademark pastel hues. Sunset is a continued exploration of these themes, following a group of local young women set to the…

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Premiere: Sensi’s ‘Good Time Girl’

Filmed over the course of a year in various locations around Montreal, ‘Good Time Girl’ follows a contemplative Sensi as he wanders in search of a deeper understanding of life and nature. Filmed using a security camera from the 1980’s and transferred to DV tape, the soft greyscale textures create a dream-like atmosphere and lend…

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Shoot the Breeze: Samantha Lynn Croteau

LA-based photographer Samantha Lynn Croteau captures everyday human waste to illuminate the relationship individuals have with the objects they choose to buy, hoard, and eventually discard. Croteau’s work puts the recesses of urban lifestyle on display, making the dilapidated backdrop of human interaction the subject of her film photography. Shooting on the cumbersome 4×5 monorail…


Review: 8 The Esplanade

8 The Esplanade, curated by Jess Carroll and Emma Clough, took place in Toronto last month. The show asked 15 artists to ruminate on their relationship to the home space. Carroll explains that the idea came about after spending a lot of time working on a film project in the same gallery space (belonging to…

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Tender Meets ~ Dj Young Kiera

Music for your next Dinner Date brought to you by our in-house mix-goddess DJ Young Kiera Buddy Emmons – Blue jade Harry Nilsson- a place I know demo Hall & Oates – Sara smile Prefab sprout- wild horses Better person – sentiment Toto feat. Cheryl Lynn – georgy porgy Zafer dilek – intizar Joe meek…

Thomas McCarty x Matt Holmes for Editorial09_1

Thomas McCarty x Matt Holmes

PHOTOS BY THOMAS MCCARTY STYLING BY MATT HOLMES HAIR BY SEAN MICHAEL BENNETT Model: Dorota @  Society Management    Clothing Credits:  1: T-Shirt from Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquire, Fur Sleeves by Comme Des Garcon Homme PLUS and vintage NYC leather skirt 2:  T-Shirt is Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquire 3: Turtleneck track zip-up and matching mini skirt by Shan Huq and…

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Katrin Braga X Juliann McCandless

PHOTOS BY KATRIN BRAGA STYLING & CREATIVE DIRECTION BY JULIANN MCCANDLESS MODEL: XANDRA HAFERMANN @ DETENTION AGENCY HAIR & MAKEUP: VANESSA WONG Clothing Credits: 1.  Phlemuns skirt and jacket, fruit of the loom bra 2. Vintage Jaccket, Phlemuns Skirt, Elie Tahari turtleneck, vintage slides and sunglasses 3 & 4. Nu Kind Dress, Vintage Cowboy Hat …

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Shoot the Breeze: Matthew Bradley

Recently I stumbled into a little contemporary art gallery which was showing work that, at first, I had no idea was photography. Picture a bunch of variously shaded rectangles of marble hanging from white walls, except when you get close, you notice that all of the work is printed on something like sheer cotton. I…


Olivia Dreisinger X Anne Tastad

PHOTOS BY OLIVIA DREISINGER STYLING BY MARIA KATARINA MODEL: ANNE TASTAD This editorial was conceived while I was in treatment at a psych ward last year, when Olivia wrote to me about the possibility of collaboration. We’ve been in close communication since then, sending a barrage of screenshots of Sims avatars wetting themselves, iPhone pictures…