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A Conversation with Jeff Bierk

PHOTOS BY JEFF BIERK INTERVIEW BY JESS CARROLL  Making art requires an inherent boldness of character. Toronto-based photographer Jeff Bierk is bold, and maybe one of the bravest souls I know, acutely aware of the potential hardships associated with forging an untrodden creative path. Bierk is nonetheless resilient, which allows him to create work that…

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Shoot the Breeze: Elizabeth Herring

New York-based photographer Elizabeth Herring has a way of drawing parallels between settings that would normally be overlooked and regarded as mess. She is currently building a body of work exploring her self-defined themes—the body in relation to movement, vertical clutter, critical commentary, store fronts, and her Instagram series #samebutdifferent. Classic black and white contrasted…


Editorial: Out On The Lake

PHOTOGRAPHER: MATT HOLMES STYLIST: MARCUS CUFFIE ON SET ASSISTANT: ZACHARY TEPLIN PRODUCTION: STEFAN SCHWARTZMAN Models: Gia Seo, Yulu Serao, Burke Battelle, Olin Smith           Clothing Credits:   Look 1: left to right: Burke wears Jacket by Vejas, sweater and trousers stylist own, Gia wears jacket by Vaquera, Stole worn as skirt Vintage Comme…


Photo Diary: Kikuchi Yuki

PHOTOS & WORDS FROM KIKUCHI YUKI  The day I got to New York, Mac drove all the way from his house to pick me up, bewildered in Brooklyn. As soon as we met again, the first thing out of his mouth was “There’s a party at Cassie’s house tonight. I’m doing a solo show, can…


Shoot the Breeze: Chris Levett

Although Toronto-based Chris Levett is best known for his video work (if you haven’t seen Ashley for Ashley, you should really check it out), he’s also been quietly assembling a great archive of personal photography. Somewhere along the line Chris picked up a point and shoot from Value Village and started snapping, taking full advantage…

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Lily Rose Thomas X Felix Choong

PHOTOS BY LILY ROSE THOMAS STYLING BY FELIX CHOONG MAKE UP BY JESSICA TAYLOR Models: William Dill-Russell & Àrámidé Gillett   Clothing Credits: Look 1: William: Vintage MaxMara Suit, Dolce and Gabbana Sheer Mesh Top, Cardigan Stylist’s Own, Boots Model’s Own. Àrámidé: Adidas Jacket, Vintage Top, Claire Barrow Trousers, Sacha shoes Look 2: Àrámidé: Vintage Orange Shirt,…


Paintings by Graham Little

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 13 TEXT BY EMILY FRIEDMAN There’s a great excerpt of René Magritte’s writing that celebrates the metaphysical work of Giorgio de Chirico. Here is a visual experience, Magritte suggests, “through which the spectator might recognize his own isolation and hear the silence of the world.” It is no grand challenge to recognize…


Let’s Talk: Juan Wauters

For our 2nd instalment of ‘Let’s Talk,’ we’ve asked NY-music maker Juan Wauters to answer your questions. Thank you everyone who shared their problems, sorry we couldn’t get to each one! Hello dear advice seekers, here we are through paper or the computer talking to one another. To give a little background on this thing we are doing right…


Photo Diary: Maya Fuhr

With the end of summer approaching quickly, photographer Maya Fuhr sent over her latest photo diary which documents various cottage trips to Tobermory & Perry Sound on the Georgian Bay of Ontario.

Schwarzenegger is my idol2

Shoot the Breeze: Sergey Melnitchenko

Sergey Melnitchenko shoots all the things I want to shoot: muscles, cocks & nature. The male body/sexuality seems to be the unavoidable focus of Sergey’s work, as seen in his series Schwarzenegger is my idol and Military Commissariat, which is said to be commentary on the political situation in Ukraine, his home country. His series Lonelieness…


Man Yau’s Nunzugu Editorial

PHOTOS BY JIM TURNBULL-WALTER STYLING BY ANNA PESONEN NUNCHUCKS BY MAN YAU MODEL: LUKE CLAYTON THOMPSON INTERVIEW BY JASMIN ISLAMOVIC Transfiguring fixed idioms that reflect pop culture’s various subsets into fully functional design objects is one thing. Forcing a centuries-old weapon into an allusion of transparency, however, is something else entirely. Take two sticks on…


Shoot the Breeze: Megan Eagles

Megan Eagles is essentially a soft-core pornography photographer. Initially I dismissed her work as simply photos of hot naked women, but upon revisiting her images, I’ve found that they’re much more dynamic than just porn. They are visually striking, and honestly, a turn on. Using only her close friends as her subjects, Megan’s work is personal…

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Salem Sisters Editorial

Very cute submission from young Berliner Julia Feige

Igor Termenon - 11

Shoot the Breeze: Igor Termenon

Edinburgh-based photographer Igor Termenon has quite the resume, having been featured in Vice, Asos, Elle UK and Oyster to name a few. Amidst his many accomplishments are his Glasgow portraits for i-D Magazine, his creation of the zine Girls/Boys on Film and his co-founding of the online platform Future Positive. The subjects of his photography…


Monet Lucki X Alison Marie Isbel

PHOTOS BY: MONET LUCKI STYLING BY: ALISON MARIE ISBEL Models: Miyanda @ Ford Models, Tsheca @ Ford Models, Elyse Winn,  Pardis Saberi Hair: Blake Erik Makeup: Katie Mellinger Styling assistance: Jonathan Yera Clothing Credits: Look 1: blouse Amarcord Vintage, vest Vivienne Westwood, gold broach We Who Pray Look 2: blouse Amarcord Vintage, dress KTZ, beret…


A Conversation with Allie Pohl

INTERVIEW BY RACHEL ELLISON Allie Pohl’s work, on a broad scale, is driven by the commodification of femininity. In more basic terms, she’s inspired by pubic hair. Her first exhibit consisted of a woman’s figure, constructed from porcelain, dismembered, and sprouting chia from its armpits, legs, and pubic region. The installation took the figurine from…


Olivia Dreisinger X Ioana Ivan

PHOTOS BY OLIVIA DREISINGER STYLING BY IOANA IVAN Models: Leila @ Lorde Inc & Tytiah Clothing Credits: Look 1: Tytiah: dress Maison Martin Margiela for H&M, top Topshop, knickers Calvin Klein, socks Monki, sneakers Vans. Leila: top Topshop, trousers Zara, socks KTZ, sneakers Adidas Look 2: trench Burberry, shirt Dior Homme, trousers Zara Look 3: mesh top…


Shoot the Breeze: Miranda Barnes

Miranda Barnes is a New York photographer who has been taking pictures since her senior year in High School. Upon being gifted a digital camera, she opted for shooting on film, using disposable cameras instead. She says she rarely leaves the house without a camera, and that her favorite subject to shoot is simply ‘life.’ …