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A Mix by Tasty Morsels

A megamix from our friends at Tasty Morsels to accompany Scott Parsons’ interview with them for issue 14! Tracklist: safe tea in nun bars – watson fothergill shutt – column fatsia japonica – doctor oetker life + you – infinite bisous green river iv – tofu own up! – sad eyes puern emotions – puern…


A Conversation With Tasty Morsels

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY SCOTT PARSONS Tasty Morsels is inclusive. Despite being a collective of tight-knit friends, this collective eschews any closed-offedness that might normally be associated with such bonds. Instead, their inimitable touch for soft psychedelia, predilections for gardening, and completely free sharity approach to releasing music offer a warm welcome to…


Shoot the Breeze: Ashley Armitage

You may be familiar with the photorealistic panty paintings of John Kacere which depict a flawless female mid-section. Or the misty, sensual portraits of young teen girls by David Hamilton. Nowadays depicting this type of idealistic femininity is old hat, especially when it’s done by an old dirty man. I see glimpses of Kacere and…

Sophie + Amelia (3 of 7)

Felix TW X Nicole Robinson

PHOTOS BY FELIX TW STYLING BY NICOLE ROBINSON Models: Sophie Billington (Established) Amelia Pashley (Established)                


Darby Milbrath Centrefolds

For issue 14 of the Editorial artist Darby Milbrath slipped an original centrefold drawing into the first 100 copies sold. Darby completed this collection over a two week period spent on the Toronto Islands, referencing Playboy centrefolds from 1953-present for inspiration. To celebrate her birthday today we look at some of our favorite centrefolds.      …


Shoot the Breeze: Liam Crivellaro

Liam Crivellaro’s photos take you to a place of youth, sunshine and salt water. His photos exude their own innate and appealing adolescent nostalgia as they depict his young friends messing around in sunshine-soaked scenes. The 16 year old surfer and skateboarder from Cape Cod has been documenting his adventures and road trips with a…


Jill Schweber X Its Me & You

PHOTOS BY JILL SCHWEBER CLOTHES FROM ITS ME AND YOU Models: Haize and Daryl at Lorde Inc.      


Studio Visit: Grace Miceli

PHOTOS & WORDS BY REBECCA STORM A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of exploring Grace Miceli’s bedroom studio in New York City.  Grace is a frequent contributor to Editorial Magazine, but is better known for her online gallery, Art Baby Girl, as well as her DIY fashion label. I met Grace over Instagram…


Night Jams – Jesse Futerman

A mix to put on while you drink your nightcap! Some disco, funk, sleepytime tunes, and lots of Brazilian music. An all-vinyl mix with the exception of the last track which is off the DJ’s upcoming 12″ out on Omena Records. Mix by Jesse Futerman. Art by Cotey Pope. 

wake up and smell the coffee0230

Jake Levy X Luke Abby

“WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE” PHOTOS BY LUKE ABBY STYLING BY JAKE LEVY MODEL: SAM RILEY                   Clothing Credits:  Shot 1 Hat by Vaquera Jacket by Levi’s Underwear stylist’s own Boots by ÖHLIN/D Shot 2 Hat, sleeve & denim skirt by Vaquera Jacket by Wet Seal Shot…

Tommy Genesis

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY NAFISA KAPTOWNWALA PHOTOS BY EVAN MASON I’ve known Tommy Genesis peripherally for a while. I don’t know if she remembers this, but we originally met cause I lent her my ID to get into a bar way back in the day. In a way I’ve seen her as a…


Mike Chmil

INTERVIEW BY MADELEINE JENNINGS  Mike Chmil has created a fast-paced cartoon world that seems to both critique and celebrate modern culture. His flat, brightly-colored paintings feature familiar objects like racecars, snakes, and basketballs, with the occasional Matisse-homage lingering in the background. As a sculptor, Mike offers a different means of sharing his youthful vision, enlarging…


Shoot the Breeze: Minwoo Yoo

Native to Seoul South Korea, photographer Minwoo Yoo gave the Editorial a peek into the world as she sees it, with surreal photographs translated from her drawings. At a young age Minwoo began sketching that which inspired her in daily life. Soon after, a love of photography was sparked by a need to express herself…

Seth Fluker 04 copy

Seth Fluker X Ellie May Brown

PHOTOS BY SETH FLUKER STYLING BY ELLIE MAY BROWN MAKEUP BY YUKO MURAKAMI MODEL: ANASTASHI DEZHINA-STORM                                           Clothing Credits Shot 1, 2 Vintage dress by Contemporary Wardrobe Shirt & neck tie by Claire Barrow Shot…


Keith Rankin

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 WORDS BY JOE MCMURRAY Foodman Cover I appreciate the work of Keith Rankin (and by association the music from Orange Milk music) for the obvious ability it indicates, but also for its engagement with current trends: matte surfaces; squiggles; goop; iPods; featureless silhouettes; greco-roman architecture. Rankin has incredible style and clear…


Dana Boulos Editorial

PHOTOS & STYLING BY DANA BOULOS MAKEUP BY MEREDITH MENCHEL MODEL: NAOMI @M MODELS                                   Shot 1, 2 Sunset shirt vintage Dress by Zara Deadstock earrings vintage Shot 3, 4, 5, 6 Jacket by Marc Jacobs Dress by Sui…


Benjamin Barron X Marcus Cuffie

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 PHOTOS BY BENJAMIN BARRON STYLING BY MARCUS CUFFIE ASSISTANTS: LAURA HINMAN, MICHEL SAYEGH MODELS: LOGAN JACKSON, MARC ARMITANO DOMINGO, OMAR AHMED, MICHEL SAYEGH                 Clothing Credits:   Shot 1, 5, 11, 12, 15 Jewelry by Dior Homme Shot 2, 8 Michel: shorts by Telfar Logan: jeans by Telfar Shot 3 Baseball tee by Telfar Shot 4 Omar tank: stylist’s…


Issue 14 Release Party: Montreal

Photos from our Montreal issue 14 release party at 820 Plaza this past winter! Featuring musical performers Dreamboy & Mozart’s Sister :) Pix by Rebecca Storm.  Thanks for coming everyone! Cya next time ;)