Felt Drawings by Darby Milbrath

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 13 Darby Milbrath‘s drawings are in one sense classically impressionistic. Things like perspective and anatomical accuracy are subordinate to the communication of mood and emotion. However, while early Impressionism and figurative abstraction tends towards an expression of an inherent quality of the subject matter, perhaps feelings of the sublime, or of certain…


Miss Winter by Rebecca Storm

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 13 “Miss Winter” is a self portrait series by Rebecca Storm, which explores the mental decline that is symptomatic of surviving a Northern winter. Feelings of depression, apathy, futility, insanity, anxiety and aimlessness are all characteristic of Miss Winter.

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Shoot the Breeze: Bobby Chang

Bobby Chang is an artist and analogue photographer from Hong Kong. ‘Analogue’ refers literally to his use of exclusively disposable cameras. Previously a cameraman capturing the movement of multiple frames, Chang, now a photographer, is kind of an essentialist. He prefers to photograph in black and white since colors, to Bobby, are limited whereas the…

L4L_Blake on Boat - Blake (Bro Estes) on a boat in Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn’s L FOR LEISURE. Courtesy of Special Affects Films

On L For Leisure

TEXT BY WHITNEY MALLETT  STILLS COURTESY OF SPECIAL AFFECTS FILMS   Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn’s 16mm feature L for Leisure subverts the language of an Urban Outfitters music video to make a campy class critique of graduate students busy doing nothing in the early ‘90s. Their idle hours are spent sipping mineral water, snapple,…


Aaron Wynia X Bobby Bowen

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 13 PHOTOS BY AARON WYNIA STYLING & CREATIVE DIRECTION BY BOBBY BOWEN HAIR & MAKE-UP BY CLAUDINE BALTAZAR STYLING ASSISTANT: ROMANY WILLIAMS Model: Gillian Evans @ Lang Models Special Thanks to Working Title & VSP Consignment Clothing Credits:  Look 1: Turtleneck: vintage Chanel (available at V.S.P) Trousers: Celine (available at V.S.P) Boots: Timberland Look…


Spaces Between: Justin Tyler Close

Photographer Justin Tyler Close completes the last chapter of a love story which documented his long distance romance between LA & Paris. The relationship eventually ended due to the “Spaces Between” the two lovers. 


Editorial by Kristie Muller

PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING BY KRISTIE MULLER Models: Nadia Nomi Gohar,  Dylan Aiello,  Sam Gaudet,  Avery Hunsburger,  Kendra Martyn  

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With Respect & Magic: Andy Boay and Jayyce USA Tour Video

VIDEO BY SPENCER GILLEY  WORDS BY JASON HARVEY FEATURING ANDY BOAY & JAYYCE Hi Everybody One time  me and my friends Andy and Spencer lived in a 2005 Toyota matrix  for like 2 months it was mostly so nice and beautiful i think i was only mad at them like, one time we went all…

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Fatine-Violette Sabiri X Gerald Lajoie



Shoot the Breeze: Justin Clifford Rhody

Justin Clifford Rhody is a photographer from Oakland who has been projecting his work all around the USA in various warehouses and outdoor areas since 2010. He also organizes “Vernacular Visions,” a monthly slide show series that features found photo slides from flea markets and junk shops. Maybe sifting through endless examples of vernacular photography has…


Cherry Blossoms by Pat O’Rourke

This is my first year visiting the famous High Park Sakura Trees. Every year around Mother’s Day the beautiful trees begin to blossom and thousands of people flock to them to take selfies. Hot dog vendors, and ice cream trucks post up to really make it a family affair. I documented the afternoon with some…

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1080p Editorial Magazine Mix

EDITORIAL MIX 100% 1080 Recorded 7/4 on Delta Flight 2460 from Minneapolis to New York City  Journeyman Traxx – Dengue  Scientific Dreamz of U – Empathy Field Generation {7AM Affirmation}  Neu Balance – ???  ??? – Catching Life  Mall Grab – Osaka  Surfing – Warlock  Feingold – Don’t Fuck With My Chi  Max McFerren –…

A Conversation with 1080p Collection

PRINTED IN ISSUE 13 INTERVIEW BY SCOTT PARSONS PHOTOS BY EVAN MASON The emergence of online streaming platforms has effectively intercepted the traditional ways in which record labels present content. Sites like Bandcamp and Soundcloud have allowed for an emancipation from the traditional model of a ‘recording industry’ that relied heavily on the material aspects…


Shoot the Breeze: Jillian Anderson

Jillian Anderson is a 23-year-old server and Sociology graduate from Victoria, BC. Her photography is predominately nature/landscape work, documenting the dreamscape coast of British Columbia on a disposable camera or Pentax film SLR. For anyone who grew up or visited Victoria BC, these photos should evoke some Group-of-Seven-type of emotional experience. I hope someone gives Jillian…

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Stream: Naran Ratan’s Trees Etc.

There is so much to be said for small things, for things whose claim to nature is struck in quieter gestures. This is the essence of ‘the moment,’ when for an instant we find ourselves captivated, in awe, or simply amused. And when the instant passes as discretely as it arrived, we’re reminded of the…


Art by Trevor Baird

Trevor Baird is a multi-media artist living in Montreal. Although technically apt in ceramics, painting and drawing, Trevor is a modest artist, only showing his work through sporadically published home-made zines. With his newest comic, Dog Tears, hitting the stands last week, we decided to take a browse through Trevor’s sketchbook, full of water colors…


TOPS Japan Tour Diary

This February we toured 13 different cities in Japan. These photos were all taken by our friend Takuroh Toyama, who I first met at an all night party we played in Kyoto. Like many of the people that I connected with in Japan I was lucky that he chose to hang out with us and…


Benjamin Barron X Patric DiCaprio

Photographer: Benjamin Barron Stylist: Patric DiCaprio Model: Maris Berkowitz Model: Jake Levy   CREDITS 1: Maris: sweater by Dries Van Noten, skirt by H + M, tights by Falke, wooden pumps by Dior. Jake: T shirt by Just Cavalli, Tights by American Apparel, sneakers by Reebok   2: T shirt by Junya Watanabe, vintage bike…