Toshio Mogi by Monika Mogi



Toshio Mogi grew up in the Kichijoji area of Tokyo during World War II. His neighborhood was very affected by the firebombing raids and when he talks about his childhood he says he can only remember the sounds of explosions and airplanes overhead. As a young man he attended university in Tokyo and won many awards for inventing a type of electronic barometer. During the 70s he was in a terrible bus accident where he injured his neck, causing him to gain an interest in acupuncture, which he used to heal his injury. He started to study Chinese medicine and claims his mind was opened to another “dimension” while studying qi (chi). “Qi” was described by the ancient Chinese as “life force.” They believed qi was everywhere, linking everything together. They said qi flowed through the body and that through understanding its rhythm and flow they could help treat maladies of the body.  Toshio wrote and published a book on the subject entitled “Scientific Approach to Qi-gong: A Novel Mystic Qi-gong Theory,” which outlines his theory that qi can be recorded to help us find out which specific areas of the body need healing. In his book are illustrations and charts which Toshio made to depict qi flowing through the body. 82 year old Toshio has now been performing acupuncture out of his home for over 30 years, and is currently working on an invention that uses copper to record body heat and locate areas where bad qi has accumulated.

FH010029Toshio shows Monika the spoons he bent with his mind.

FH010036The cover of Toshio’s book  “Scientific Approach to Qi-gong: A Novel Mystic Qi-gong Theory”

2edit Toshio’s chart “Figure of concept by ‘Vitality-Qi Essence of Life”

1edit A drawing by Toshio from his book about Qi.


FH010028Toshio points to the awards he won in University.