Streaming: Laundry by Laundry


Fall is here now, with it comes feelings of nostalgia and moodiness. I’d say my current mental state inhabits a big, open, breezy, grey space. At least that’s where I went today while listening to Laundry by Laundry.  Made entirely on a Portsasound PSS-390 keyboard in a caravan parked at the British seaside, Laundry is the newest release from the ever mysterious UK label tasty morsels. They described the album as Garden Music. I’d describe it as the sonic equivalent to the paintings of Alfred Wallis, the Cornish fisherman and Naive artist. Crooked, one dimensional houses floating on a phthalo blue sea. Distorted, kind of sad, but very beautiful. Tasty morsels just released the album spontaneously for free here. We’re streaming it below, take a listen. Album artwork painted by Laundry in the caravan. -CM