Book Review: Olive Juice


I feel a strong sense of intimacy as I flip through Molly Matalon and Damien Maloney’s book of pictures, Olive Juice, a body of work that spans over three years of travel and friendship. In piecing together scenes and subjects, I unconsciously put together a narrative through their series of immortalized moments. There exists a bit of strange mystery and discomfort when imagining the scenes that take place off-camera. Molly, a School of Visual Arts graduate living in California’s Bay Area, has explored systems of power and the nuances of desire through her photography. Damien, who grew up in Arizona, has used portraiture to contemplate gender expression and paternal behaviour. Their collaboration combines their stylistic strengths and heightens the interplay between their respective backgrounds. The non-linear sequence of photographs document their lives through each other’s eyes while investigating love, the American West, new relationship jitters, and the longing to be seen. Their diary of portrait, landscape, and still life photographs will be available for prying eyes through VUU Studio. See some excerpts below. -Madeleine Jennings