Photo Diary: Spencer Gilley

Hey everyone I am a little tiny man named Spencer Gilley. This past fall I went on a two month trip all over the USA with my amazing inspiring friends Andy White (Andy Boay) and Jason Harvey (Jayyce). Oh god it was pure ecstasy – to hear the music these guys made yes, but also, to giggle in a car for 13,000 miles driving around a big country I have always wanted to see.

Feeling very blessed right now to have these funny little pictures of what we did and where we went so I don’t wake up and mistake it for a daydream.

1This is Jason in the warm jellyfish water in Miami.

2Here is Andy in New Orleans, where you can drink beer in your car and on the street. Look at the plants on that house! Driving around the city and surrounding areas, I kept thinking to myself that everything sort of looked like it was underwater. I felt embarrased once I remembered the hurricane.

3We were only in Las Vegas for one night but it was a big highlight of the trip. There were Moms and Dads doing dirty dancing everywhere in the streets and everyone was having so much fun.


5This is the morning after we played at a Halloween house party in Tallahassee, Florida. The front yard was packed full of cars during the party and someone in a big truck smashed over the mailbox on their way home while everyone yelled and cheered. It was such a goofy moment and it felt like I was in a movie and really made me smile.

6This is called Red Rock Canyon Road and it’s just outside Las Vegas. Here it is in Google Street View.

7Here is sweetie pie Emily who joined us for a few days in California. She is looking out at the Pacific Ocean somewhere between San Francisco and LA. When I look at this photo I wonder what she was thinking about.

8Las Vegas again. The buildings there are so cool. Everything has lights on it and there are lots of castles and it’s just a crazy little fantasy city in the middle of nowhere. I like to imagine if every city in America looked like this.

9We were right near the Capitol building in Washington, DC during the government shutdown when we heard on loudspeakers that there had been a shooting nearby and we should take cover. People were stopping on the sidewalk going, “Wait, what did they just say?”.

It was crazy how quickly dozens of undercover police and military trucks appeared seemingly out of nowhere, complete with skidding turns and everything. There was so much confusion and excitement it felt like at any minute some people might run out from around a corner and start shooting something. It wasn’t until much later that we found out the gunshots were from the police and Secret Service shooting a panicking, unarmed woman dead in her car. It was a real “Whoa.” moment.

10On the way to Malibu Beach we saw a motionless man being pulled up the side of a cliff by a search and rescue team. I guess he accidentally drove his car right off the side of the mountain.

Once we got there we went boogie boarding with our friends Pierce and Adrienne in the chilly Pacific. I think it was Pierce who was telling us that maybe this is the last year you can safely swim on that beach because of the radiation coming in from Fukushima in Japan.

11Big pyramid and Sphinx in Vegas.
At the enormous WW1 memorial in Kansas City we saw these beautiful stone Sphinx designed to look like they were covering their eyes with their wings. “Two Assyrian Sphinxes guard the south entrance of the Liberty Memorial. “Memory” faces east toward the battlefields of France, shielding its eyes from the horrors of war. “Future” faces west, shielding its eyes from an unknown future.” 

12Andy in Miami.

13Little fuzzy pink bug I saw by the side of the road in California.
These are the first palm trees we saw on our trip. Last week I learned that palm trees are not native to California but were imported to make it look more tropical and attractive for people to move there.

14This is me in Gainesville, Florida, where they really love college football. I felt like I was wide-eyed the whole time I was in Florida, just lookin around at everything. I loved how warm it felt.

15Sometimes we’d put two people in the back so they could watch a movie together.


: )