Jen Shear’s Joan’s World

Images courtesy of Gern en Regalia


Near and far
I searched for
my twin star
In the multiverse
A sunfly
sings high
notes that float
up to the sky

There’s something that’s at once sterile and somatic about the concept of outer space. To be rocketed upward, isolated in a tiny vessel, piercing the belly of the sky and penetrating the atmosphere. The same such tension is present in Joan’s World, a solo exhibition from LA-based artist, Jen Shear, currently on view at Gern en Regalia. Steel walls and ceramic tiled floors are the foundation to Shear’s interdisciplinary works, creating an environment that synthesizes industrial aesthetics with the human hand. Shear’s collage pieces function as remembrances—including tokens, ephemera, and patterns, often repeating like morse code. A snapshot, or message, maybe meant for someone far off in the multiverse. – Rebecca Storm 

Joan’s World is on view at Gern en RegaliaAeon Bookstore, NYC until October 20th