Soda Lite – Barroco Mix

Our next Editorial mix is brought to you from Soda Lite, aka Alex Last. Soda Lite’s expertly researched compilations of classical, ambient, and field recordings are essential listening for painters, writers, or those simply looking to connect with the rhythms of nature. Soda Lite, currently based in lutruwita, misnamed Tasmania, has released three records in the past three years, each unravelling an “eco-ambient world.” Soda Lite’s altruistic love for wildlife and bird watching comes through in these primal, natural soundscapes. Barroco, or “Baroque” originally translated as a flawed pearl – irregular, unequal, and imperfect. The 17th century sense of the word was understood as great drama, rich, intense, light and darks, deep colours. This mix for Editorial reflects recent inspirations, evoking jewelled caves, sun-soaked valleys and calm lakes, all held together by the slow crawl of earthly time. Listen below.