Lauren Satlowski presented by DM Office

Photos by Romain Darnaud


“Flashes of consciousness; brushes with the unknown. Sometimes this is a quiet revelation, requires only a blink and a flash, but it resonates beyond these narrow bounds onto the quiet plight of assuming form under the vigilance of an external view.”

DM Office presents a new collection of work from Los Angeles artist Lauren Satlowski. With these new works, Satlowski proves again her mastery over light, casting each figure in an unearthly glow. A Hollywood home undergoing a visitation, a woman realizing something is terribly wrong – the suggestion that Satlowski’s choice of subjects is random only accelerates their mystery. Her paintings are nightmarish, like something we weren’t supposed to notice, a blip in reality. The exhibition is on view from October 16th- 20th at 74 rue Mazarine, Paris, with a reception on Friday from 6-8PM. -CM

House 2, 11×14, Oil on linen 2019
50 ft Bridge, 36×48, oil on linen 2019
The Psychic (Reading Rainbow), 22×27, oil on linen, 2019

Puddle Water, 16×20, oil on linen, 2019