Sneak Peek: Eternal Family

There’s a lot of speculation on the future of commerce and culture – will sit-down restaurants be defunct, are raves finally over, was Love is Blind the “last TV show”? Media conglomerates promise us they have enough content to weather the storm, yet have no certainty of when mass-gatherings of actors and crews will be permitted again. While some channels of  commerce adapt to  virtual reality- sex workers flock to OnlyFans, and Late Night hosts prove their charm was in fact owed to their live audiences, the future of big-business entertainment is over, for now. What new media will take its place? Who will profit from the apocalypse? Cole Kush’s new artist-run platform Eternal Family, offers the answers to such questions, proposing a Netflix-style model that profits creators first. Eternal Family is a video membership experience that spotlights self-produced TV-series and one-off episodes that are often too experimental to make it to mainstream channels. Kush, a filmmaker and animator whose works tend towards absurdist, unsettling comedy, sets the tone for a collection of innovative visual works that promise laughter, education and inspiration. Examples include the genre-defining episodic quarantine soap opera “Dirt Night,” created by Cricket Arrison, starring sticks from his backyard as the central characters.  As well as “Advanced Studio Recording Techniques” featuring Mac Demarco, a musician who’s spent his entire career preparing for this moment of self-imposed home arrest. Today we’re excited to premiere an extended trailer for an Eternal Family original “BANKY”, a mockumentary following a ground-breaking prankster-artist who challenges corporate greed with his craft. Sign up for for $5 a month and tune in. – Claire Milbrath

BANKY Trailer:

Eternal Family Trailer: 

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