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Sneak Peek: Eternal Family

 Cole Kush’s new artist-run platform Eternal Family, offers a Netflix-style model that profits the artists first. Eternal Family is a video membership experience that spotlights TV-series and one-off episodes that are self-produced, and often too experimental to make it to mainstream channels. Kush, a filmmaker and animator whose works tend towards absurd, unsettling comedy, sets the tone for a collection of innovative visual works that promise laughter, education and inspiration.

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Cole Kush

PRINTED IN ISSUE 12 Cole Kush is an engineer. But he doesn’t build bridges or skyscrapers. He is a social engineer with brilliant precision. He sees a layer of the onion that few can. Conversing with Cole reveals an unrivaled deadpan, so much so that…

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Meet the Editors!

When I was asked to write “a meet the editors” piece for The Editorial I was excited because I sort of thought I was an editor, and that I would have the chance to introduce myself to the readers of this magazine. But then I…

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