Meet the Editors!

When I was asked to write “a meet the editors” piece for The Editorial I was excited because I sort of thought I was an editor, and that I would have the chance to introduce myself to the readers of this magazine. But then I realized I’m not an editor but rather a mere “contributor,” and that no one really cares who I am. Haha, oh well. That being said, I really do love and admire the girls who put this magazine together and it’s time you got to know them. Thanks to Cole Kush for immortalizing them in CGI portraits. – JM


Claire Milbrath

Claire, the mastermind of the whole thing, is actually surprisingly lazy, but in a good way. She’s truly a master of taste and outsourcing. Claire likes to paint, chat, and drink instant coffee all day; it’s pleasant to be around.

olivia2 nobg

Olivia Whittick
Olivia is the editor. She reads everything and decides if it should be in the mag. She’s wry and astute and dresses like a futuristic hobo. She also edits the heck out of all of my stuff so if you don’t like the way this piece “flows,” call her.

rstorm1 nobg

Rebecca Storm
Rebecca has two jobs at the Editorial: in-house photographer and copy editor. She can spot typos from miles away. She’s also a great, surrealist, bedroom artist. The kind of person who will quietly disappear somewhere so that she can turn fruit and stuff into faces. 


darby1 nobg

Darby Milbrath
Then there’s Darby. She can be intimidating when you first meet her —something to do with the eyes—but she’s really sweet. Darby is Claire’s older sister and advises on who and what should go in the magazine. She’s a painter herself, and has been featured in the magazine more than anyone else ever.