Zine Preview: What’s life? just do it

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 the book is called ‘What’s life? just do it’ and i would say that it is funny and sincere.


it consists of thoughts and stupid ideas i wrote in iphone at anytime of the day, anywhere, in any situations. I wrote most of it when i was travelling alone in europe, i was just writing all the time and laughing alone. I decided to write it in english cause i love speaking bad english and i think it’s very funny but probably some people won’t understand, who cares. i’m not a very good writer but i like to share funny stories and thoughts with people, anyway there are a lot of drawings in the book so if you don’t like the content then it’s ok i think.


This is about life and human beings, hats, toilets, food, party, etc. It is a continuation of the first book i did called Trying to Understand Life. At first i wanted to call this one ‘still don’t understand life’ but then i bought this amazing backpack in berlin on which is written: What’s life? just do it! Just cool Style. Best wishes for you. I thought it was absolutely relevant for the title of the book.


I always said “i am the person that i am, u are the person that u are, just stay cool and try to have fun sometimes and just don’t think too much”. i hope u guys will like it




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