Spirit Music – Daniel Rincon

Choirs, Chants and Drones.

Digital transfer of CS-30 mix tape by Daniel Rincon. Originally released in edition of five custom length tapes for the Happy Hour Tape convention that took place in Vancouver, BC, December 2013.

1. Vespers of Rachmaninov – Praise The Lord
2. Peter Hamil – Harmonum
3. J.D Emmanuel – Path Inward
4. Klaus Schultze – Gewitter
5.Monastic Choir Of The Abbey Of St. Pierre De Sol.

Side 2
1.Hildergard Von Bingen – 1,100 Virgins Chant For St. Ursula
2.Vox Populi – Schmact
3.Michael Stearns – In The Beginning
4.Larkin – Two Souls Dance
5.Kendra Smith – Iridescence