Shoot the Breeze: Monika Mogi

Monika Mogi is one of our favorite photographers, so we thought she would be a great fit for the first installment of Shoot the Breeze, a bi-weekly photography column. We met Monika in LA at the Ardorous/Rookie Mag show last summer, and ended up driving around in her boyfriend’s volvo listening to Hank Williams for the remainder of our trip. Now she’s back in Japan snapping dreamy photos. Look out for her spread in our next printed issue!


1. Why do you take photos?
I like making mysteries

2. Do you carry your camera with you everywhere you go?
Not really, if an iphone counts, then yes

3. What celebrity would you like to shoot most?
Young Rie Miyazawa

4. What animal would you like to be, if not a human? 
A fennec fox (they are so cute) or orca whale

5. What is your favorite smell?

Lasagna / spaghetti

6. Would you like to live forever?

No, but I would like to live to 100 and die with all my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren around me.

7. What do you think is the best photo you have ever taken to date?
It is always changing, I think I am getting better at this photography thing

8. What’s your favorite pastime? 
Dancing to 70s music

9. Do you like having your photo taken?
I really don’t like to model these days, even if it is for money

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