Questionnaire: Nicole Ginelli

By Jessica Carroll

Chicago-based Nicole Ginelli is something of a Renaissance Woman in the art world, working as a musician, performance artist and web curator. Her work as a graphic designer is what really perked me up though, when I found it in some dark corner of the internet. Her existential, sci-fi references to foot fetishes are really funny. Pledging allegiance to Duggie Fields, nail salon beauty illustration, and Memphis-Milano, her work could very well be placed amongst the bygone cultural tropes of the 1980s.

Name: Nicole Ginelli
Age: 27
Height: 5’2″
Occupation: Graphic/ Multimedia artist
Location: Chicago :)

Astrological sign: Gemini
Official URL(s): ,
Favourite color: Blue (a latecomer among colors)
Favourite flower: Nymphaeaceae
Favourite sports team: Giants.. kinda.. sure!

Favourite hero of history: Bill Hicks
Most overwhelming personality characteristic: Giggly. Mumbler.

Last person you spoke with: I had a good convo with my dad last night. Some advice.. “Cooperate with no one.”

What you ate for breakfast: Strawberries, banana, almonds, honey, coffee

Current artistic mandate: Say yes! Collaborate! Dont chase the idea of a finished product. Form shouldn’t overtake feeling.

Favourite artistic material: Legs, hands, mouths, lines
Ultimate, untimely dreams: Steady peace and stability within an exhilarant embrace of chaos & absurdity!

Do you live off of your work? Yes! More on the design side of things as opposed to the art/musical ones. Hopefully these worlds will move closer together over time.

What is your idea of great misery? Sometimes being helpless to solve the troubles of my loved ones.

How do you wish to die? Dropped in the water surrounded by a never-ending ocean of jellyfish.

Where have you found your most consistent inspiration? Ephemera or sounds which bring resolution or comfort and connect me to others. Disjointed narratives, geometric puzzles, toons & comics. Chicago Imagists always! Bodily distance and desire.. abstraction and deconstruction!

What tabs are open on your browser currently? SNOW BOOTS

Link to an image that you feel most accurately represents you: