Preview: Dollarwears

Colin Meredith went shopping at the dollar store and turned his haul into a collection of one-off menswear garments! A bomber made exclusively of lunch-boxes, another military-inspired jacket cut from dyed J-cloths, and trackpants assembled from umbrellas, are among a few of the pieces found in his low-cost, high-fashion collection. Colin’s Dollarwears will be on display at Gallerie from December 8th to 11th, with an opening vernissage on the 8th. Although these garments will not be for sale, pieces from Colin’s brand Hobby will be available at the event. Go check it out if you are in the Montreal area this week!  We’re lucky enough to preview some gems below. 


Bomber jacket made entirely out of lunchboxes


Trackpants made from umbrellas


White jacket made from painters drop sheets, a white tarp, and stuffing from a teddy bear


Shoes made from dish cloths, double sided tape, a lunch box, and some non slip kitchen mats

Military jacket made from blue j-cloths ( disposable dish cloths) that are dyed green and sewn together

Cya there!
4819 St-Laurent, Montréal
Vernissage | 7pm – 11pm | DJs Comic Sans
DECEMBER 9th-11th
Exhibition & Pop-up shop | 10am – 9pm