Patric DiCaprio X David Moses

NYC-based designers Patric Dicaprio & David Moses bring us the latest in finger-fashions with their Baby Doll editorial, while fashion correspondent Jordan Minkoff offers his expert commentary.
Published in Issue 15


Fashion tip #4325: Wrap the entire world around your finger with a look that can swallow the runway whole and in ONE bite. Lazy-chausseurs in bonito red melting beneath bobbed-brown brings an assless outing to centre stage and digs deep into a sexy twilight.



Catch her spanking her yacht on the shady side of the Marina. Fiddled hair complement what lies below the mountains of class in this haute-for-teacher long-term singles look.  I suppose dashes of grace are still the key to unlocking fashions subtler secrets?



Fluff your way into the buffet doused in a furry spot or simply impress the guests at the morning trot. Fuzz and fur propel this much needed drink into a world of untouchable glitz and glam. (Table for sex, please!) 


This is what people are talking about when they say, “She looks nice but everyone can tell she is a freaky little clown”. Clown balls and doodads splashed with french cotton and swimming in a velvet sea. Ahoy!


She’s coming in hot and knows what she’s got: two fat socks and a frilly of knots. It’s plain to see why our summer has been littered with this reliable look. Modern, garish and most certainly apropos.