Preview: Curb the Hub


Maya Fuhr’s first Canadian solo show, “Curb the Hub” is up now at Gallery On Wade in Toronto. Curated by Sophie Blumenthal, this exhibition is all about control, structure in relationships, monogamy, and the obsession with controlling all aspects of ourselves and our lives on social media. Millennials carefully construct a self-image by zooming in and cropping, by selectively showcasing a very intentional portion of a picture. Many of the 35mm images in Fuhr’s show are accompanied by closer cropped versions – a commentary on the control we attempt to have over representation in the digital age. There are also photographic sculptures littered around the room, in which Fuhr has printed her photos onto aluminum sheets and bent them to look like crumpled paper. In these pieces we find, on the other end of the spectrum, the loss of control. These sculptures are indicative of passion and destruction, and suggest that despite our best attempts, we cannot control ourselves. Maya told us, “I want people to feel claustrophobic and free all at the same time and hopefully provoke discussions about control.” Her exhibition will be up until Sept. 30th, go check it out if you are in the GTA! See documentation by Yianni Tong below!