Movie Premiere: RED HOT

The Editorial is pleased to announce the premiere of RED HOT, the latest experimental short film from Angus Borsos. This online viewing experience coincides with the film’s release in Vancouver this evening at Deep Blue. Info for that … HERE. For all the rest of us, have a seat and take the cinematic journey that is RED HOT.  


Were I to be five again, in place of “astronaut” I might have liked to write this instead: “one day, I’d like to make a movie that has the intensity of the Ninth Symphony; wordless moving images of madness and revelation tumbling on fiery rainbows and clouds.” This movie, to me, weighs at least an ounce of that in gravity. “Red Hot” is an odyssey…one might call it a sentimental odyssey…a rhapsodic refuelling of feelings construed out of nature the sublime; a rise to the surface from the underground holding tank of cinematic ideals; the recollecting of particles of storied mystery to hold in cosmic suspension –– filmy ectoplasm of blockbuster sediment recovered from a tropically x-rayed cassette; a melted-videotape of memories for which we’ve rented and taped over; the beta test of 1 independent movie-maker in a VHS machine of 7.4 billion people. “Red Hot” is a work of the warped –– it’ll hit for some, miss for others, but it’s a splash either way.