Portraits by Neil Rough


Originally from New Brunswick and currently living in Toronto, 42 year old Neil Rough has been living like a vagabond shooting film all over the world. His macabre series “Bodies Found” that he started in ‘09 is a collection of photographs he took of sites across the US where various murder victims were found. His latest obsession with the people in Myrtle Beach, SC, has led to a large body of portraits and a film, which he is currently collaborating on. The following photos were shot in 2004-2006.  – DM 

01. Cheerleaders Gulfport Mississippi 2009
03. Shianne Las Vegas 2006
04. Couple Venice Beach 2006
05. Pensacola Beach 2005
06. Barbie Las Vegas 2005
07. Edie Las Vegas 2005
08. Hair Dania Beach Florida 2004
09. Flossie Fort Lauderdale Florida 2004
10. Earphones Miami Beach 2004
11. Atlantic City 2003
14. Budaphest Train Station 1999
15. Wedding Girl Tunisia 1998