Parker Ito’s P

“Albrecht sees a vast constellation of images and ideas with which to play, and he feels wonderful, for he can always move forward, continue to reinvent himself, one step, another step; come closer to transcendence.”

 -Dean Kissick, “The Bathhouse,” P

The Mould Map gang’s all here, coming out for Parker Ito’s stunning exhibition-companion book P. This is an art-book made by many hands, and it makes sense for Ito: the LA artist is known for challenging authorship and troubling art world sticklers, like when he employed high-paid art assistants to produce his work. By commissioning portraits of himself from Mould Maps’ rat pack Leon Sadler, Jonny Negron, Maren Karlson and others, Ito obscures himself while enshrining himself.  

The book itself serves as a long-form explanation of Ito’s crazy, oversized painting P, which is from a series based on the engravings of Albrecht Dürer. It’s a sweet change from the artist who once spoke of mass producing 250,000 paintings in five minutes, to see him now investing four years of production, and dedicating a hardcopy guide, to a single painting. P is brilliantly designed by Landfill’s Hugh Frost, equipped with clear acetate reproductions reminiscent of Dürer’s engravings, and 3-color Pantone printing that is now, oddly enough, the only way to enjoy internet art. Ito inserts himself into Dürer’s work, and reinvents himself one step at a time. P is available via Landfill Editions. – Claire Milbrath