Brook Hsu


Images courtesy of Deli Gallery
Antique​,​ ​Oil​ ​on​ ​panel 16​ ​x​ ​14​ ​in.

“When we reached the center of the darkness, the forest opened. The terrified shapes died and there was no longer an outside or an inside. They felled you, you disappeared with the mask in your hand.“ -Alejandra Pizarnik

Brook Hsu’s art practice bears witness as well as offers invitation. Infinitely lying on forest floor in a blackout. Learning to breathe underwater. The smell of fresh soil. A wound healing slowly. Voices and music tangled in the glow of greenish fog on the morning side of a rave. Cold mountain air. A collection of masks. Contours of solitude. Something we haven’t seen, but we know we have felt. Unearthed breath, shapes, refuge, consequence. -Zoe Koke

Valentine​,​ Oil​ ​on​ ​panel, 18​ ​x​ ​24​ ​in.

Two​ ​Fairies​ ​Carrying​ ​the​ ​Green​ ​Ear​,​ Oil​ ​on​ ​panel, 8​ ​x​ ​6​ ​in.

Psychedelic​ ​Outfit​ ​(Sweatshirt​ ​and​ ​Bellbottoms)​,​ Felted​ ​llama​ ​wool​ ​and​ ​mesh
48​ ​x​ ​84​ ​x​ ​10​ ​in.

List​ ​(In​ ​the​ ​Order​ ​of​ ​Lepidoptera)​,​ Digital​ ​print​ ​on​ ​fabric,​ ​grommets,​ ​s-hooks 54​ ​x​ ​36​ ​in.

Reclining​ ​Pan​,​ Oil​ ​on​ ​panel, 18​ ​x​ ​24​ ​in.