Halloween Special: Bea Parsons

In the week leading up to October 31st, we will be sharing the bone-chilling work of some of our favourite freaky artists, alongside a hair-raisingly festive little interview!

What if you burned everything you feared down to the ground? A smouldering heap of ghosts. Is dominating your fears synonymous with escaping them? Bea Parsons’ work feels as though it was made from these ashes and cinders. Decaying skies oozing onto mysterious sooty planes; creeping, celestial phantoms. A drowning unicorn. The hills DO have eyes. Skeletal strangers, a murky rib cage. Flowers, of which there are many here, connote vitality, new life. But don’t be fooled—remember that the scariest thing of all is being alive. – Rebecca Storm

what possesses you to create?
Creating comes from a mysterious inner drive, it’s impulsive.

do you ever wish to induce fear or discomfort through your work?
Maybe in a subliminal way. Lol. To specific people. Lol.

do you believe in ghosts?
I want to believe.

do you believe in magic?
Yeah, I believe in transformation and turning something ordinary into something extraordinary. Magical stuff.

have you ever had any sort of supernatural or paranormal encounter?
No but I observe coincidences.

given the choice, would you become immortal?
Yes, I would be so prolific. Art making is time consuming.

if you were a monster what kind of monster would you be?
Can I be an alien?

who would you most like to haunt?
I would use my haunting privileges to eavesdrop at Area 51. Or Kris Jenner’s house.

how do you cope with fear?
Making art.

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