Char Esme’s Faces

Walking down a dark slanted street in Queens, NY, flickering street lamp, the faint smell of compost. Suddenly overcome with the feeling of dizziness, anxiety, and nausea, you stumble to the edge of the road, sliding yourself against the wall, step by step closer to home. Your grasp on reality is loosening rapidly, like a rope dangling from a tall building, splitting one hair at a time, moments away from breaking, and plummeting all the way to the bottom. It’s at the bottom there, where these faces lurk. Human faces, maybe, not merely a mask. Only in the shadows of doubt, are we confronted with the faces of purgatory – a demon, a bug, something awful. Char Esme has been known to haunt the pages of Editorial Magazine, not to mention our Halloween Special, but this year we take a moment to revisit her new face-painted creations. See more of her work here. – CM

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