Leon Chapdelaine In His Own Words

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 19  Shirts off Leon! We decided it was time to get to know star skater Leon Chapdelaine on a deeper level. Photos by Dustin Henry. Special thanks to Vans for making it happen.   Picture of Leon filling out our questionnaire!

Premiere: Unknown Mobile’s Starstruck

We’re excited to premiere Unknown Mobile’s latest track “Starstruck” off his upcoming EP on SOBO. The Montreal-based producer leads us on yet another journey with this pulsing new EP. Whereas the title track “Clocktower” blasts off, the momentum of “Starstruck” builds gradually sustaining its calm through layers of choral harmonies and touches of trance. On a whole Clocktower feels…

Claire Barrow: Les Sports Xtréme

We’re excited to showcase Claire Barrow’s mini-collection Les Sports Xtréme on Editorial today. With her new collection, the London designer invites us to dig a hole and “throw the soul” behind some bushes. Xtréme Sports explores the theme of battles, political and personal. Daniel Swan’s 40 second musical film incapsulates a nuclear hellscape, featuring ladies…

Duality of a Garment

Montreal designer Benjamin Lafaille, from Laugh by lafaille, worked with photographer Yuki Kasai-Paré and stylist Edo Oliver to bring us a photo story that maps the life of a garment. Each item of clothing was constructed specifically for this shoot to illustrate how purposeful a garment can be when the versatility is part of the design process. Make…

Daylight is my Delight

Daylight is my Delight is a new dance collaboration between New York photographer Jody Rogac and Vancouver choreographer Kara Hornland. This sixty second short film was shot on 8mm in Brooklyn during the fading light of a February afternoon. It features three dancers ranging in style and experience who meet together for the first time and dance…

Denise Kupferschmidt

Denise Kupferschmidt’s minimal visual vocabulary invokes Primitivism and earlier forms of ancient iconography. Through her simple outlines, which she calls Crude Idols, Denise communicates complex ideas efficiently and instantly. “People tend to project more complicated ideas on simple forms,” she says, making work about fundamental polarities of good and evil, masculinity and femininity. Denise also has a special appreciation of paper, using aged stock from old books for her printmaking, or building totems out of paper cut-outs. Denise is a time-traveller artist, borrowing language tools from Mesopotamia, yet making visual art that functions as instant-messaging.

Alix Vernet & Arielle Chiara’s Water Damage

Images courtesy the artists and Soft Opening, London. Photos by Theo Christelis. Written by Zoe Koke Water Damage is on view at Soft Opening, 4 Herald Street, London, until March 31st.  Minimalism sought to erase the artist’s hand. In the late 60s, Minimalist sculptors responded urgently to the domination of Abstract Expressionism in the art world….

Claire Milbrath’s Love Letter to a Cardsharp

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 18 By Claire Milbrath Banished from Rome for murder, Michelangelo Caravaggio packed up everything he owned and boarded a ship sailing far from trouble. The boat took a pit stop on a remote island, and Caravaggio hopped off to stretch his legs. While strolling along the beach, a Spanish garrison officer mistook him…

CHAI: Don’t Judge Me!

CHAI is a four-piece girl group from Nagoya, Japan, consisting of twin sisters Mana and Kana, and their friends Yuna and Yuki. CHAI wants to use their music to present their new genre, “NEO-kawaii,” and their “complex is art” worldview.

At Home with Victoria Dailey

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 19 Illustrious writer, curator, lecturer, Victoria Dailey gives us a tour of her Los Angeles home and closet. Photos by Logan White. Assistant: Lena Melillo Read some of Victoria’s work here. See our article on Logan White’s photography here. 

No Place at L’Inconnue

The strongest work in No Place, an exhibition of many great works, is a small oil painting depicting two Christmas presents on fire. Quintessa Matranga’s paintings are brazen, and thrillingly off-trend. Her painting Fire is like an intrusive thought, those private flashes of something wild, violent, or deeply strange, that all of us experience now and again, but never say out loud. 

Premiere: Acronym & Kali Malone’s A Sunspot

Humming, droning, rumbling, throbbing, vibrating-like, fizzing, all sounds listed as symptoms of acute anxiety, serve as apt descriptors for The Torrid Eye,  the collaborative techno-ambient album from Stockholm’s Acronym and Kali Malone. Recorded using a Buchla 200 series modular synthesizer, and other rare analogue instruments brought in by Malone, The Torrid Eye reaches cinematic drone levels. This is crisis…

Premiere: Slut Island Mixtape

We’re excited to debut a track from Slut Island’s Deluxe Mixtape Vol.1, a companion tape to the annual Montreal-based festival prioritizing artists with experiences of marginalization and misrepresentation in the music and art scenes as result of their sexual, racial, class, and/or gender identities. Co-curated by Odile Mytril and Victor Bongiovani, the mixtape features a musical buffet…

Paul Descamps

In the kingdom of Paul Descamps, the weed elves and the sea people embark on a pilgrimage to the deep woods, where they will dance ritualistically under the shade of daisy petals. You can see them passing through the pages of this issue, facing the challenges of the journey, or engaging in early celebratory activities.

No Sesso’s Modern Day Royalty

Queens of all classes, all genders, all races, No Sesso outfits modern-day royalty in its many forms. Interview with Pierre Davis.
Photography: Dicko Chan, Model: Jasmine Armanii, Styling: Pierre Davis, Art Direction: Pierre Davis and Arin Hayes

Chatting with Ariel Pink

If a Halloween party were a person it might be Ariel Pink. The haunted stuff, the theatricality, the risk of something offensive happening. Ariel Pink is the whole party, but here he is the guy who stands in the hallway with his mask on, eluding any “Who is that?” line of questioning. I do love…

Caley Feeney

Caley Feeney is a Los Angeles-based visual artist and musician. She makes art using a wild potpourri of materials, including drawings, paintings, graphic design, sculpture, music, toys, t-shirts, and textiles. But she tells us her favourite mediums are dance, laughter, and jokes.

Cara Chan’s A Part of Things

The soft, chalky texture of Cara Chan’s Venetian plaster sculptures evokes touch. Figures fondling and holding onto each other; they seem to converse in bed. Luminous busts rest elegantly on carefully constructed plinths, mutually supporting and melting together, interconnected