Editor’s Pick: Arisa Yoshioka at 15 Orient

Аръя is special project with Japanese-Mongolian painter Arisa Yoshioka. Installed throughout the third floor apartment of 15 Orient, New York, the show features a body of work created over the course of the last year. With no formal arts education, Yoshioka began painting in 2021 and has since created a number of works of striking singularity and formal sensitivity.
The exhibition marks Yoshioka’s first with the gallery and her first-ever solo-presentation. Аръя is on view til April 21st.

“Listening 2”, 2022, oil on canvas, 27 x 30 inches

“Untitled 2”, 2023, oil on canvas, 28 x 38 inches

“Untitled 1”, 2023, oil on canvas, 38 x 40 inches

“Sadly, Porn”, 2023, oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches

Enkhjin”, 2022-23, oil on canvas, 21 x 26 inches

Images courtesy of Arisa Yoshioka and 15 Orient

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