Zine Round Up: The Los Angeles Drawings

It’s that time again! The New York Art Book Fair is an overwhelmingly exhilarating two-day exhibition of independent zines and art-books to excite and delight print-media lovers from far and wide. Here we select some of our favourite artists who will be displaying their work this weekend. Get ready for NYABF madness!


Today we are featuring scans from inside Liana Jeger’s new zine The Los Angeles Drawings. These are beautiful, simple drawings of objects and landscapes Liana encountered while visiting L.A. Scrawly, pleasant pencil crayon works in a sun-bleached colour palette extend the feeling of nostalgia and memory the artist no doubt felt while compiling this impressionistic travel diary. About the zine Liana says “it is a collection of drawings from a few visits to L.A. over the past couple of years. Most of them are objects or views from the house we usually stay in, but some were also drawn while sitting in traffic, because God knows there is a lot of traffic in L.A.” Look for Liana alongside Editorial Mag stalwart Clay Hickson at the Tan & Loose (Clay’s risograph printing project) table at the NYABF!  – Olivia Whittick