Zine Review: Rebecca Storm Poster Book

Here we share with you a preview of our latest zine acquisition—a tear-out poster-book from long-time contributor and Editorial Mag masthead mainstay, Rebecca Storm. Released through new Montreal-based publishing imprint Haunted House, the zine contains 25 full-colour 9×12” tear-out posters of various still-life images culled from the course of the photographer’s career. In Rebecca’s signature bizarre, colourful, kinky style, this zine transforms her work into an accessible artifact, a tangible trophy to bring home and hang on your wall. Tear out each poster and plaster them around your house! Pop one in a frame for the perfect party present! Laminate a set and you’ve got yourself some new placemats! Check out this video from Haunted House, narrated by Rebecca, for a preview of what’s inside! Now available through Marginal Press in Japan or online via Haunted House e-shop. Grab a copy before they are all gone (very soon!!!!!) Also look out for Haunted House alongside Editorial Mag at the NYABF table run by Montreal’s Wormhole zine shop