Zine Preview: Tiny Strangers


“Sometimes life is all about not getting what you expected you would, so we made a zine about it.”

Artists Rebecca Storm and Scott Parsons teamed up to make Tiny Strangers, a humorous compilation of baby mix-up news stories alongside mismatch candy still lifes. You can order it HERE. 

Baby shock: Gran lifts lid on hospital mix-up

A Spanish woman who had just given birth to a girl got the shock of her life when the baby’s grandmother decided to have a peek inside the new-born’s nappy.

On November 29th, Marta Montes and her husband José Chicón became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl called Naia.
After a relatively trouble-free birth, Marta was given a couple of hours to recover before being taken to the maternity ward to be reunited with her baby and family.
“I breastfed her and we all took pictures of her to send to our friends and family,” Marta told local daily Málaga Hoy. But while everybody was busy debating whether Naia looked her mother or father, the family grandmother removed the baby’s nappy to reveal a penis. The baby Marta and José had been cherishing as their own for the past two hours was not Naia.

Panicked by the discovery, the baby’s family rushed around the Malaga hospital trying to explain to staff members what had happened.
“All kinds of things went through my mind at that point,” Marta told Malaga Hoy. “You hear about terrible stuff happening, I was extremely anxious.” After 20 minutes, the real baby Naia was reunited with her parents. Hospital staff apologized for the mix-up, telling the parents the two babies were put in the same crib while the mothers recovered and that they’d been given the wrong wristbands. As for the gran, she put her crucial nappy check down to “intuition”.


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