Zine Preview: Nagano Vegas

Nagano Vegas is a new photo book from photographers Yusuke Miyamoto and Marcel Castenmiller. The two met 5 years ago when Marcel took residency in Japan, and have been long distance friends since. Nagano Vegas is a photographic comparison between two travel destinations: Nagano, Japan and Las Vegas, USA. The book also serves as a comparison between the two photographers – their respective styles, and what they chose to visually represent each location. The book, as well as original risograph prints, will be available this evening at Object-ify, 139 Essex St. NYC. We’re excited to share a handful of images from the zine below!

Picture 10

Picture 24

Picture 25

Picture 26

Picture 27

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Picture 29

Picture 30

Picture 31

Picture 32

Picture 33


Marcel & Yusuke pose for the security camera with prints from their zine : )