Zine Preview: Claire Christerson’s Smile It’s Your Birthday

Claire Christerson made a new zine! It’s a compilation of work that the artist has made since 2012 and includes images from older photoshoots, drawings from journals, and behind the scenes or in-between snapshots. It reads like a personal scrapbook and is visually exciting and energetic and colourful. Christerson said she wanted to make a book that felt like one of her journals, as they are a major part of her artistic process. She often draws her ideas out in a journal before making them happen. Having printed only a tiny run of 5 unique copies for the L.A. Art Bookfair, the artist hoped to make each book feel special. With little pictures and scans of personal precious treasures, including polaroids of her grandparent’s house where she spent every summer, “Smile It’s Your Birthday” is a very sweet and friendly little zine. Here we show some scans of what’s inside. Claire plans to produce more copies for your viewing pleasure so keep your ear to the ground HERE. 

Smile It's Your Birthday_India Sun Cover_Claire Christerson

Smile It's Your Birthday_Left Star Page_Claire Christerson

Smile It's Your Birthday_Alien Book Cover_Claire Christerson

Smile It's Your Birthday_Green Doll Head Page_Claire Christerson

Edited pic of the opening to Smile its your birthday

Smile It's Your Birthday_Green Book Cover_Claire Christerson

Smile It's Your Birthday_Logan_Claire Christerson

Smile It's Your Birthday_Pink Cover_Claire Christerson