Walter TV Interview


We caught up with Pierce, Joe, and Simon of Walter TV to talk about their personal style, favorite pastimes, and the future of the band.


Claire: Hi guys!

Pierce:  hello claire milbrath, shoot away

Claire:  So I understand there are two Irish members in Walter TV, do you find this effects your sound?

Pierce:  well actually there’s 3 out of 3. its been a huge influence on the way we live our lives, the way we speak, and especially on the way we jam.

Claire: Your bassist, Simon, wasn’t here for our photo op, could you tell us a bit about this mysterious band member?

Simon: its true, i was not here. i do not live in montreal, with my bandmates. i live on the west side of CANADA. as much as id love to be here with my boys. most of my time is not spent so much as rocking out as it is rocking around in a canoe in the yukon

Claire:  When you are all together, what are some of your fav things to do?

Joe: i dunno hang out out doors, shoot the breeze, smoke weed drink beer party skateboard, swim. thats it for me

Claire: Joe this one’s just for you, could you tell us a bit about your style inspiration?

Joe: style inspiration? like drumming style? or personal, lets get personal. i get it all from my dad [Brad McMurray], whos photos you can see in the next issue of the editorial, oh ya, and my mom. Why, do you like my style?

Claire: I know that you are one to take chances in fashion

Joe:  true dat, my risk is your reward.

Claire: So why the name Walter TV?

Pierce: we had a radio show and we didnt want to call it radio so we called it TV. we were young dumb and full of fun! it just stuck i guess. walters a dog

Claire: Speaking of TV, when is your VHS compilation coming out, and can you tell us a bit about it?

Pierce: sure thang. its in the works right now. maybe a month or two. its a vhs set to every song from our album Appetite. got a lot of stars in the vids. people we met on the road, you know? Bradley cooper finally signed his release form, thank god. hes the bomb!

Claire: Shut up, Bradley Cooper?

 Pierce: EVERYONE: B coops, Zach G, the whole wolf pack gang. A bynes is in it too now. she aint as crazy as it looks on the web. shes mad chillers night vibes! sook yin lee made a dope drop by and we snagged some footy of her. Strombo from the strombo hour was in it but we edited him out, he was really cool tho

Claire: What’s next for Walter TV?

Pierce: creating an album, sun tanning, turkey dinners, watching Grease for the 100th time together. chillaxin in LA. Look out city of angels, the boys are back in town!

Claire: Great stuff!

Pierce: well thank you, and in case i dont see you, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight

You can listen to Walter TV tunes here