Trevor Baird, Andrea Lukic, Nick Payne at Harpy Gallery

Freaky, and a little bit demented, the current exhibition on view in New Jersey at Harpy Gallery features the work of Nick Payne, Andrea Lukic and Trevor Baird. Each of these artists makes eerily personal work. Looking at it feels as if we’ve entered their bedrooms, stumbled on a crusty sock or a conspiracy theory diary. Nick Payne’s child-like drawings are satisfying to look at in that they’re simple and funny. An innocent drawing of a swan can feel perverse. Trevor Baird’s pieced-together ceramic wonders share the same playful yet dark feeling. Andrea Lukic’s detailed, pulpy comics are heavier, romantic and filthy. Surreal, humorous, and dark, this exhibition brings together 29 works done in both refined and spontaneous approaches. Works by Baird, Lukic, and Payne will be on view at Harpy until September 14th.

Andrea Lukic


Trevor Baird

Nick Payne

Andrea Lukic Detail


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