Tei Shi by Jill Schweber

Tei Shi, who also answers to Valerie Teicher, is photographed here on her block in Chinatown, New York City. Born in Bueno Aires, and growing up in Bogotá and Vancouver before ending up in NYC, Tei Shi is no stranger to adaptation. Her diverse past resonates in her musica mix of R&B, indie-pop, psychedelic, and jazz influences accompany her whisper-like vocals and catchy melodies. As she is leaving New York next month, these photos capture her final days in the apartment and neighbourhood which have nurtured her, transforming her into a singer, songwriter, and producer. She models Eckhaus Latta, Pearle Knits, Gypsy Sport, and Hood By Air. 
It’s exciting to imagine what her future holds on a different coast, and you can catch a glimpse of it live in San Francisco on February 21st at Bimbo’s 365 Club. Keep an ear out for new music from Tei Shi in 2018!
Artist and model: Tei Shi
Photography and text: Jill Schweber
Styling: Charlene Kahn 
Clothing Credits:

Pearle Knits top, Hood By Air hat

HBA hat, Gypsy Sport top, Vintage pants and Doc Martens.

Betsey Johnson nighty 

Levis, Vintage jacket, and Charkbate International top

Eckhaus Latta and Steve Madden boots