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A Conversation with Project Pablo

WORDS BY SCOTT PARSONS PHOTOS BY REBECCA STORM Besides a vinyl and protective sheath, record sleeves often contain a promo sheet. They are typically simple, unsexy, and easy garbage. All the pertinent information of the release is there—release date, label, and other general housekeeping information,…

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A Conversation With Tasty Morsels

PUBLISHED IN ISSUE 14 INTERVIEW BY SCOTT PARSONS Tasty Morsels is inclusive. Despite being a collective of tight-knit friends, this collective eschews any closed-offedness that might normally be associated with such bonds. Instead, their inimitable touch for soft psychedelia, predilections for gardening, and completely free…

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Zine Preview: Tiny Strangers

“Sometimes life is all about not getting what you expected you would, so we made a zine about it.” Artists Rebecca Storm and Scott Parsons teamed up to make Tiny Strangers, a humorous compilation of baby mix-up news stories alongside mismatch candy still lifes. You…

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