Shoot the Breeze: Valentina Von Klencke

24-yr old photographer Valentina Von Klencke recently submitted some of her wonderful photos. Born and raised in Germany, Valentina moved to New York at the age of sixteen. The most surprising adjustment she faced in her immigration was getting used to the bold and colorful consumer culture of America. Valentina’s project, “A Brief Indulgence,” was inspired by this cultural transition, and she continues to explore themes of color and Americana in her work. We look forward to seeing what’s next for her.  -Talya Cyr

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1. Why do you take photos?
Mainly to escape and to communicate, I’m terrible with words.

2. Do you carry your camera with you everywhere you go?
Yes most of the time.

3. What celebrity would you like to shoot most?
I’m gonna go with Cher.


4. What animal would you like to be, if not a human?
A black panther or a lion.

5. What is your favorite smell?
Fresh coffee.

6. Would you like to live forever?


7. What do you think is the best photo you have ever taken to date?
I think that would have to be a party photo from college.

8. What’s your favorite pastime?
I love traveling. I just want to drive places!

9. Do you like having your photo taken? 
It depends who the photographer is.

10. Who are your favorite photographers, currently?
I’m always into Winogrand, Di Corcia and Martin Parr. Right now I really like what Harley Weir is doing too!