Shoot the Breeze: Stefano Marchionini

Photographer Stefano Marchionini was looking for a new way of depicting the human body when he first started experimenting with photography. His first project, Entr’ouvert, a collaboration with his boyfriend Vivien Ayroles, explored the notions of “intimate” and “social.” His next series, a self-published book called “I See Around Me Tombstones Grey,” is a look into his own family – their relationships and the unavoidable consequences of growing old. As seen in his landscape work, Stefano is now interested in using distance as a more abstract way of portraying intimacy. – Giuliana Contavalli 


1. Why do you take photos?

Photography answers almost entirely to my needs towards image creation, it is probably the most efficient medium that I have adopted in my artistic research. I take photos because the act of taking a photo is the closest thing to the way I look at the world and because in its simplicity of execution nothing is limited.

2. Do you carry your camera with you everywhere you go?
I tend to carry it with me every time I’m out of the house. The camera’s weight has a reassuring feel to it and even if I don’t take any photos I like the idea to be able to do it anytime I want.





3. What celebrity would you like to shoot most?

Amy Sedaris, I’m obsessed with her.

4. What animal would you like to be, if not a human?
I’ve never thought about being an animal, the idea to be either a predator or a prey actually scares me. Maybe I’d only like to be a fat cat who eats all the time and gets his belly rubbed all day long.

5. What is your favorite smell?
Linden tree flowers, skin wet from swimming pool, baked apples.





6. Would you like to live forever?

Not if the life I have to live works like this one.

7. What do you think is the best photo you have ever taken to date?
It’s not for me to say, the idea of “best” doesn’t apply to the way I personally see my work. I might have some photos that evoke sweet memories but I couldn’t choose one.

8. What’s your favorite pastime?
I like to cook, baking might be my favorite thing. And playing the piano when no one’s home.





9. Do you like having your photo taken?

I like it when I end up being cute in the photo.

10. Who are your favorite photographers, currently?
I’d like to name some favorite young photographers whose work held my attention in the past few months: Fabrizio Albertini, Ben McNutt, Mark Peckmezian, Daniel Shea, Harley Weir, Vasantha Yogananthan.