Shoot the Breeze: Megan Eagles

Megan Eagles is essentially a soft-core pornography photographer. Initially I dismissed her work as simply photos of hot naked women, but upon revisiting her images, I’ve found that they’re much more dynamic than just porn. They are visually striking, and honestly, a turn on. Using only her close friends as her subjects, Megan’s work is personal and intimate—which kind of makes it more erotic. With close crops of nipples and butt cracks, her photos examine female sexuality both artfully and erotically. I would love to see Megan’s aesthetic applied to the male body. -CM




1. Why do you take photos?
I take photos as it satisfies at creative urge. If I don’t do anything creative for a while I get sad.

2. Do you carry your camera with you everywhere you go?
Not really. My style is quite different to documentary which I feel like it is a whole different skill set. Finding beauty in the everyday is a very different than finding beauty photographing a beautiful girl in a great location!

3. What celebrity would you like to shoot most?
Pammie, Stoya or Nicki Minaj – it would be my dream come true! The ultimate babes.




4. What animal would you like to be, if not a human?
Giant squid – but always left wishing they were bigger.

5. What is your favorite smell?

6. Would you like to live forever?




7. What do you think is the best photo you have ever taken to date?
It always changes with each new story I shoot.

8. What’s your favorite pastime?
Currently – watching X-Files!



9. Do you like having your photo taken?
Nah, its fine.

10. Who are your favorite photographers, currently?
Araki, Blumenfeld’s more experimental stuff, Mary Ellen Mark, Daido Moriyama.