Sex Machine Museum

Photos and words by Rebecca Storm

Considering that the height of the sexual revolution was nearly half a century ago, sex museums were conceived (hehe) relatively late in the game – the first ever sex museum, The Temple of Venus, didn’t open in Amsterdam until 1985. Nearly thirty years later, sex museums are no longer restricted to the red light district, and most Western and European metropolis cities feature something of the sort. In the Czech Republic, however, Prague offers something a little more specifically curated: the city houses a Sex Machine Museum, the only one of its kind. Having had the pleasure of visiting Prague earlier this summer, and also happening to unintentionally walk past the museum every time I was in the downtown core, I figured a visit was inevitable. The exhibition is spread out over three floors, which increase in “naughtiness” as the viewer ascends: the first floor offers flimsy clitoris tickling feathers, while the third showcases full leather body suits and anal plugs the size of my torso. While some of the plastic and latex devices seemed suspiciously sticky and worn out, I was happy to capture a few of the more interesting and even appealing devices on film.