Ren G ~ Editorial Mix

My friendship with Ren goes beyond the stars and what our compatible zodiac signs have to say for it. I will never forget meeting them at Kellogg’s Diner for waffles at 8am while I cried about whatever life crisis I was going through at the moment. They comfort me, encourage me, and give me more love than I can contain in my heart. Being around them feels safe for me. It’s like being in a world where nothing bad happens and we’re always smiling. In this perfect world, the sun is always glistening on my skin while we lay on fresh grass, and at night, the stars are visible and we point out all the constellations we see. I’m eternally blessed to have this secret hidden world that fulfills me when I’m around them. And I hope others get to travel to this place too in their lifetime after meeting them.
-Patia Borja

Catch Ren play at our NYC Release party on May 31st at Mehanata Bulgarian Bar. More info HERE