Preview: Kyung Me’s Bad Korean


You may remember the work of NY-based artist Kyung Me from when we featured her drawing in Issue 13, or when we later interviewed her about her intensely intricate artworks for our website. At the time we featured her astoundingly meticulous and ancient-seeming pen-and-ink drawings, but she works in a few very different styles, and one of them appears in the simple, colourful comic we adore, Bad Korean. A series of drawings about a naive young woman looking for love in New York, Kyung Me tells us that this comic is somewhat autobiographical, and helps her to make light of certain situations and laugh at how silly life can be. The title carries within it a few meanings, indicating the artists journey of self-exploration and struggles with self-love, as well as her experiences being a second-generation American raised by Korean immigrants. The name also makes reference to the titles of each work, which the artist crudely translates from Google with intention, as she doesn’t know the language of her ancestors. Earlier this year the Bad Korean series was published into a book, and will now be on exhibit at New York’s Miller Art Gallery until October 16th. If you are in the NY area we encourage you to go see these drawings while you can, either at the opening reception on September 14th or before the show closes in October! – Olivia Whittick








OPENS SEPTEMBER 14TH, 6-8pm. Miller Art Gallery, 17 Essex Street, New York, New York.