Premiere: Stream ATM’s new album “Xerox”


Vancouver based label, 1080 P, marks their 20th release today with a stellar collab between two of the labels first signees, Perfume Advert and M/M. 

If collaborative practice strives to build upon the strengths and ideas of the participants involved, then the results of this release prove its inherent potential. ATM is the name of the project, and in Xerox, their debut release, the music heard embodies the ‘fresh familiar’. We’ve heard something similar, but nothing quite like it. It’s ambient, and it’s techno. It’s minimal house, mixed with the playfulness of experimental music and abstracted sonic compositions. All the familiar sonic signifiers here are scanned and warped, creating something that is all its own. The signal is distorted. It’s quite unclassifiable, and we like it. 

Where most dance based electronic music finds its practicality on the dance floor, ATM have crafted a record for dance floor, and office use. Here we have a multifaceted release, capable of soundtracking a sweat filled evening at the club, or an athletic work day on the computer.  A euphoric liminality between deep, dance ready, grooves and deconstructed ambient compositions make this release a dextrous practice in form exploration. – Daniel Rincon