Premiere: White Poppy’s Hypnotized

Today we return to our longtime musical crush White Poppy (Crystal Dorval) to premiere her latest video “Hypnotized.” Filmed and edited by the artist herself, Crystal tells us the video takes inspiration from the world of bad self-made music videos, and if you look closely you may find her Grandpa accidentally walking through her shots. In “Hypnotized,” Crystal channels a croony sunglasses and turtleneck-wearing nightclub singer. Despite the humour of the video, the song itself is about the torment of a deep infatuation. A sweet tune with an underlying darkness, with the haunting layers that are the quintessential White Poppy sound. “Hypnotized” is off Crystal’s new album The Pink Haze of Love which was released by Lone Hand, a collaborative platform with Kristian North. You can get it here, and on cassette in late August.