Premiere: O.S.S. Blanga

O.S.S. (Open Sound System) is a new collaborative project from music producers Unknown Mobile and NAP. A product of friendship, O.S.S. was made by Daniel Rincon and Levi Bruce over a course of impromptu studio sessions and hangouts between Canadian coasts. O.S.S., the EP under the same name, can be described as “Rodeo Ambience.” The EP features five suites, which aim to invoke “god rays,” – the rays of sunlight that are amplified by the passing of clouds at dusk. Luminous, deep and subtle tones mimic crepuscular light in a way that feels cinematic and spiritual. We’re happy to premiere the second suite on the EP, “Blanga,” a meandering sweet tune, featuring a collage of samples, synths, Romplers and VSTs. O.S.S. is out on June 4th on ISLA, with album art by Nick Howe. Stream to “Blanga” below.