Premiere: D3AD6OY’s Strange

Being from New York, D3AD6OY has had many strange encounters — it can get crazy here, sometimes very manic — still the musician doesn’t miss when it comes to being a vibe. His new video for the track “Strange” (the song’s title references its sampling the 1984 Cameo single “She’s Strange”) takes place amid the carnivalesque distress of Coney Island. Together with Serena Jara, who directed the video, and @af1cat, his onscreen costar, D3AD6OY took a day trip to the OG theme park, the three literally all being a vibe at the same time. According to D3AD6OY, “Being a vibe can be interesting when things are strange.” Watch below. Whitney Mallett

Director: Serena Jara
Producer: Nico Minajj