Pearl Jams – DJ Young Kiera

Our second mix from DJ/BFF Kiera McNally! We love you!

1. Unbroken chain -The Grateful Dead
2. Body talk- Imagination
3. Take it- Donnie and Joe Emerson
4. Cruel to be kind- Nick Lowe
5.Alone again- Gilbert O’Sullivan
6.Dolls house- Hirota Mieko
7.Return- The Reels
8.The Sweetest thing (choppedn’ screwd) – U2
9.Hold on- Bernie Worrell
10.There is something in my heart – The Ghetto Brothers
11.Escucho Mucho- Juan Wauters
12.Sweetheart- Hortense Ellis
13.Cry- The Reels
14. Unbroken chain (cont.) hehhehehehe