Paul Descamps


In the kingdom of Paul Descamps, the weed elves and the sea people embark on a pilgrimage to the deep woods, where they will dance ritualistically under the shade of daisy petals. You can see them passing through the pages of this issue, facing the challenges of the journey, or engaging in early celebratory activities. They may have already arrived at their destination by the time you read this, and all that will remain here will be merely their spirits, imprinted in the page for all of time! Paul Descamps began drawing as a child in order to absorb the souls of his friends. He tells us he must continue making art for all the soulless people. His hobbies include friendship and boulder-climbing. His felt-pen and watercolour works are uniquely narrative, a direct window into his imagination. He lives and works in East France. -Claire Milbrath

See Paul’s custom title pages throughout Issue 18 :)