Knob Slob

Photos by Mia Rankin
Styling by Kurt Johnson
Makeup by Joel Babicci
Hair by Joel Forman
Starring Melissa Juratowitch

Tentacle erotica in Japan traces back centuries to The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, but was popularized most concretely and internationally by Toshio Maeda’s Urotsukidoōji (1986) and Demon Beast Invasion (1990), in a time when artists were struggling to illustrate sexuality in the face of government censorship. Confronted with strict policies on  sexual expression, people  are only forced to get creative with their smut. Countries like Japan have historically been adept at thinking outside the box about the sexy pictures they’ll use to get themselves off. Stand-ins like swords, tentacles, and even doorknobs have provided the erogenous objects for clever, SFW erotic imagery. This story is an homage to Ryuko Azuma’s Doorknob Girl—does it turn you on? But it’s only a doorknob!

Look 1:

Top and Skirt: Marsoke Peech
Boots: Tommy Cope
Earrings: M0nirath

Look 2:

Necklace: Ebonny Munro
Bra: Gauntlet Cheng from Distal Phalanx
Pants: Strateus Carlucci

Look 3:

Earrings: M0nirath

Look 4:

Ear Cuff: Ebonny Munro
Top: Tommy Cope
Vest: Acne Studios

Look 5:

Top and Boots: Tommy Cope
Coat: Strateus Carlucci
Earrings: Justine Clenquet from Distal Phalanx

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